Netanyahu Facing Corruption Charges, makes First Moscow Visit Since Israeli Military Began Policy of Attacking Russian Pilots


MOSCOW – Yeserday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Moscow, the same day that the Attorney General announced charges against him. Due to the political situation in his country where he has been indicted by the Attorney General on fraud and corruption charges, the visit was postponed by almost a week but today it finally took place. Netanyahu desperately needs support, yet at the same time is facing a less-than-pleased Russian President Putin – Israel has been illegally targeting Russian planes operating in Syria.

Israel’s policy on radical Wahhabi terrorism has been to support it enthusiastically – it destabilizes Israel’s neighbors and simultaneously creates the political and ideological pretext for Israel’s own internal human rights abuses as well as the illegal occupation and annexation of Syrian and Palestinian lands.

This is all connected with the importance of the problems discussed today in the Kremlin. Security in the Middle East became the main agenda of the discussion, meaning, Syria, first of all. However, the politicians found time for other topics, too.

The U.S has quickly lost power in the Middle-East and Levant regions, and no longer possesses the conventional means to project power that it once had. Israel, whose policy has historically been to attempt semi-symbiotic and parasitic relationships with host countries, has desperately been looking to increase its foothold in Russian internal politics.

Putin is not lacking in clarity over the dynamics of the situation, in reality Putin has successfully sandbagged and gaslighted the Zionist leader over a number of years – giving Netanyahu a false sense of security that played upon stereotypical Zionist over-confidence and ‘self-belief’ in their own incredulously contradictory victimological and yet omnipotent self-narrative. This long game ploy was necessary to ‘draw’ the Zionist entity out of its shell, to give it assurances that would placate Israel, as to prevent Israel from further mobilizing its influence upon the US Congress through AIPAC, which could lead to a disastrous global conflict centering around the historically selfish and colonial needs of the Zionist settler-colonial regime.

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