New Zealand Tragedy: Terrorism has No Religion


From what little we know about the perpetrators of what’s surely NZ’s worst terrorist attack … the main figure appears to be an Australian who arrived here “recently”.

We often hear certain sorts of people going on about the “threat” from “Muslim migration” or whatever other demographic they can scaremonger about. And yet, quite directly – quite simply – what we have seen here is the opposite. Shootings at multiple sites, would-be bombings, and other such things, with a stated intent to show “nowhere in the world is safe” … as carried out by English-speaking white chaps.

Now I am *not* attempting to say that having white Anglosphere migrants turn up at your door is an intrinsic security risk.

But once again: this incident shows quite plainly that “the script” which many subconsciously run on … of “terror incident” means one group [an Eastern religion] being the perpetrator , and another group they’re more closely related to being the victims … is worse than useless. It’s an outright *obscuration* of fact.

What has happened here is quite simple.

At least one foreigner – and in all probability, also some Kiwis (although the IDs of several arrested have not yet been released to confirm this) – have come here, to kill New Zealanders, and our guests here in this country (potentially including the Bangladeshi cricket team).

They have done so, in order to further, to perpetuate, to *perpetrate*, an ideological agenda that has no place here in New Zealand.

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Yet because the identified perpetrators are white, they will have been able to walk down the street, operate in our communities with *far less* suspicion or sideways-looks upon them, than an ordinary and morally blameless person who might look like they’re of a particular swathe of religious minorities here in NZ.

For a third time: I am NOT seeking to suggest that there’s some innate connection between being a white man , and carrying out some sort of brain-dead act of brutality.

What I *am* saying, is that – as applies the New Zealand experience today, especially – “terrorism has no [intrinsic] religion”.

It is “political” violence, sought to be amplified through media, to push whatever abys(m)al agenda could not be attained through reasoned discourse.

If you’re from any of the various tendencies out there which have previously sought to suggest that it’s “only” a “Muslim issue” [which flies flat in the face of the fact that, for a start, the previous incident of international terrorism which took place here in NZ was, in point of fact, *French* government authored] you should probably Adjust your Perceptions, accordingly.

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