NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE: Russian Senator Exposes U.S Military-Industrial Complex Motives for Destabilizing First Strike Policy

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MOSCOW –  Published on: Mar 15, 2019 @ 13:02 – First deputy chairman of the defense committee of the State Duma, Andrei Krasov, explained to Russian media – and through FRN, to the Anglophoe world – why the US maintains a nuclear first strike policy. According to the Russian senator, the policy of a preemptive nuclear strike by the United States is not beneficial  to American society, but to the US military’s defense industry. Krasov made his comments in the aftermath of disturbing comments made from high-level Americans regarding their commitment to a nuclear first strike policy.

Yesterday on March 14th, low-functioning psychopath and war-criminal for hire, General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of the US Armed Forces, said that Washington should not abandon the policy of delivering a preemptive nuclear strike, since this option forces the enemy to make informed decisions.

“This is not beneficial to the military, but rather to the enterprises of the American military complex. All this is done in order to escalate tensions, including in American society, in order to increase the expenditure side of the military budget, ” said Krasov.

According to him, such a statement is not aimed at maintaining stability in the world, but rather undermines global security.

“Although the unipolar world is in the past, the United States still wants to play dress-up as the world’s policemen, wave around a nuclear cudgel and threaten the whole world with it,” the parliamentarian explained.

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He recalled that the United States is the only country that used nuclear weapons against another state – in 1945 against Japan. At the same time, he expressed doubts that nuclear weapons will ever be used again.

“The US understands that other countries that possess nuclear weapons, if the strike is directed against them, can respond. The entire civilized world community must understand that nuclear war is the death of all civilization. Personally, I do not think that it will come to the use of nuclear weapons, ”concluded Krasov.

Currently, the United States reserves the right to launch a preemptive nuclear strike. Since the country’s president, Donald Trump, has headed the White House, representatives of the Democratic Party have proposed a bill several times  that would limit the possibility of such a strike. The last time some Democrats called for a ban on the United States being the first to use nuclear weapons in late January of this year.

At the same time in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin made clear that the Russian Federation absolutely opposes the doctrine of 1st strike.

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