NUCLEAR PROVOCATION: Russia Slams U.S Simulated Nuclear Attack with B-52’s on Baltic Fleet


MOSCOW – Earlier this morning, two Russian Su-27 fighters were scrambled to intercept an American nuclear-capable B-52N strategic bomber  over the Baltic Sea.

The transfer of the B-52 strategic bombers to Europe by the United States, and their use in an exercise which simulated a nuclear attack on the Russian Baltic fleet, causes additional tension in the region, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier today, Thursday March 21st.

“Of course, such actions by the United States do not lead to strengthening the atmosphere of security and stability in the region that is directly adjacent to the borders of the Russian Federation. Rather, on the contrary, this causes additional tension, ”said a Kremlin spokesman.

Peskov added that Moscow regrets  “such actions by Washington.”

At the same time, he noted that the deployment of bomber “from a military-tactical point of view” can only be commented on by the Russian military.

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In March, the US Air Force sent six B-52 bombers to Europe capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The goal was identified as joint exercises with partners in NATO. According to media reports, the aircraft arrived last week at Fairford Air Force Base in the UK and have already “participated in various missions throughout Europe.” In particular, they flew over the Norwegian and Baltic Seas, Estonia and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Earlier today, March 21st, it was reported that two Russian Su-27 fighters were scrambled to intercept an American strategic bomber B-52N over the Baltic Sea.

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