Pakistan-India Standoff and the Shadow of Clash of Civilizations – Part-II

By Sabtain Ahmed Dar


By Sabtain Ahmed Dar, exclusively for FRN

Sabtain Ahmed Dar is a Pakistan-based political analyst and a research fellow at the Department of Political Science, Punjab University. He specializes in Pakistan affairs and geopolitics, specifically the US strategy in the Middle East and South Asia. He also writes for Fort Russ News and his analysis can also be found at the public portal of the Belgrade based Center for Syncretic Studies 


Continued from Part I

The Israel Connection

Now the question arises why a Jewish state in the Middle-east would want to hit missiles in a Muslim Pakistan while making an alliance with Hindu India? This is an awesomely important question and the answer of it is little known to the non-Muslims. Here I would like to spend few minutes to decode this mysterious alliance. The state of Israel is not only in a strategic alliance with India (largest buyer of Israel’s weapons) but also in an ideological alliance with India as both follow and walks on the road for their respective golden ages in their surrounding world. Hindu India’s strategic thought is based on the idea of Hinduvta and the ideology of Akhand-Bharat (Greater India – which includes surrounding territories such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Eastern Iran and Maldives etc.) where once in the ancient times their gods and goddesses ruled the holy land of Bharat. Thus, Hindus believe that their history has reached to a last stage of four cycles of history (Kali Yug – the end of history) where one cycle of history is about to end and another cycle of history will replace it. Thus, secular nationalism must be replaced by religious nationalism (BJP/RSS prime moto) to transform secular India to more Hindu India in order to fulfill the religious obligation of Akhand Bharat.

Similarly, the Jews believe that their Messiah will not arrive nor its golden age until they expand their present geographical borders from the river of Nile to the river of Euphrates (Greater Israel – The Jewish holy-land which includes modern day Iraq, North-Western Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon etc.) Therefore, for Israel it is essential to have hybrid war schemes such as ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, Jabhat Al-Nusra etc. in the Middle-east by the United States (influenced by the Israel Lobby in US and Israel itself) to fund and arm mercenaries to balkanize these surrounding Muslim states to enhance the security of the state of Israel in the Middle-east. To those, who still reject the notion that these state-sponsored terrorist groups are not being created by the intelligence agencies of United States and Israel we ask you a question; why ISIS have not yet attacked the state of Israel when we know that Jerusalem has always been a power center of the Caliphate? It is really hard for secular minded scholars to answer this question because almost they all are being brainwashed through political theories and modern research methodologies to think in particular way that does not allow them to have a free thought.

If we talk about the dynamics of South Asia in the context of India’s quest for Akhand Bharat (Greater India) it becomes essential for India to fund and arm mercenaries in Afghanistan such as Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP – a terrorist group) Jamat ul Ahrar (JuA) and in Iran Jaish Al Adl (former Jundallah) to balkanize the whole West Asia in an attempt to prepare for its golden age in western hemisphere. This Indian strategy was exposed to the world when Pakistan’s Army caught R&AW’s agent Kulbhushan Jadhav from Pakistan’s province Baluchistan. Sadly, most of the analysts see these developments of Hybrid Warfare as proxies to contest for regional political and economic control, however very few are able to see the bigger picture that in reality; “it is an invisible war for the rival ideological systems”.

These two ideological systems of Hindu-Judaic civilizations rival to the ideology of Islam have found a common ground. Both Brahman Hindu and Judaic conception of the end of history is remarkably similar. Both the Jew and the Brahman Hindu consider themselves as the elite of human civilization and consider all non-Hindus or non-Jews to have been created with a lower status. Therefore both aim to establish geo-political and geo-strategic systems of superiority which will ensure that the elite of human civilization themselves would dominate over the rest of mankind.  Both Hindu India and Jewish Israel, both civilizations with their only states in the world order have found a common obstacle in the quest for their golden age. And that enemy is Islam and its message which contradicts with the claims of Hindu and Jewish view of the movement and the end of history. Islamic civilization which is currently divided into nation-state system comprises of states surrounding Israel in the Middle East and states surrounding India in the South Asia such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh and Maldives etc. Hence, the establishment of an alliance between the Zionists who rule Israel today and the Brahman Hindu who rule India today is inevitable and has resulted into a nexus which is unbreakable in both war and peace. This explains the mysterious relationship and alliance between a Hindu India in the South Asia and a Jewish Israel in the Middle-east.

Therefore, the balkanization or denuclearization of a nuclear Muslim Pakistan is a common objective in between India and Israel. And it is not the first time that both India and Israel have joined hands together to crush Pakistan. Israeli air force was part of the plans to attack Kahuta research laboratories in in 1984 because it did not want to see an “Islamic Bomb” developed by Pakistan. Israel was supposed to lead this attack and not merely play the role of advising the IAF. Bharat Karnad has written that Israeli aircraft were to be staged from Jamnagar airfield in Gujarat, refuel at a satellite airfield in North India and track the Himalayas to avoid early radar detection, but Pakistan foiled the attack through a prior intelligence information similarly as it did a day ago. 

Coming back to the current discussion, in the afternoon of 5th March, 2019 Pakistan announced to crack down and seize all the assets of UN recognized terrorist organizations such as Jaish-e-Muhammad and Jamaat-ul-Dawa. The brother and the son of the Masood Azhar (founder of Jaish-e-Muhammad) have been taken into captivity. It was announced by the government officials that Masood Azhar will also be captured soon. These initiatives are taken by Pakistan to normalize ties with India as Pakistan’s official position is to move towards the de-escalation process with India. It all depends on how the officials of each country communicate with each other for the peace of all in the region because a full out war is neither acceptable for India nor for Pakistan, however otherwise it may benefit and enhance the security of the Israel in the Middle-east.


Pakistan-China Axis Balances US-India Axis in South Asia

According to Pakistan’s strategic thought Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan not just because of its strategic position being the vortex point of South Asia but also it has an ideological linkage because of the Muslim majority in Kashmir. Pakistan still holds the view that India is unjustly occupying Jammu and Kashmir against the will of the Kashmiris since 1947. Thus, Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir has always been condemned by Pakistan not only to raise voice for Kashmiris at the international level but also marginalize the Indian hegemony on strategic locations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Now if we pay close attention to the Kashmir conflict, India is not only squeezing Pakistan’s neck by committing atrocities against Kashmiri Muslims but also it is controlling water sources in Kashmir which is restricting the development of agriculture in Pakistan. It means as long as there is a Kashmir conflict peace cannot prevail in between India and Pakistan. India has numerous times scrapped Indus Water Treaty (1960) with Pakistan, by stopping the water flow inside Pakistan resulting in a drought which affected several rivers inside Pakistan. According to Indian strategists solving Kashmir issue means losing chess game to Pakistan because it will put Pakistan into a strategic advantage over India. Indian strategists are using Kashmir Conflict as double-edged weapon against Pakistan and they are aware that if there is going to be a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a high probability that majority will unite with Pakistan and naturally inherit a Muslim state with an already battle-hardened army with nuclear weapons.

If we talk about China and its role in the Kashmir conflict, Chinese stance has always remained unchanged. Chinese official position on Kashmir issue explicitly says that this issue must be resolved by both Pakistan and India. On one occasion Pakistani media had reported after a meeting on side-lines of the UN on September 22, 2016 between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that the latter had said: “We support Pakistan and we will speak for Pakistan at every forum.” Two years ago in March 2017, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry addressed this issue again and told that “the development of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) will not affect China’s stance on Kashmir issue, this conflict must be resolved by India and Pakistan. Apart from diplomacy if we talk in the context of strategy, both China and Pakistan have found a common ground against India when it comes to Kashmir conflict and their respective territorial claims.

In the aftermath of Pakistan’s airstrikes in India, China is currently trying to stress Pakistan and India to solve their issues through dialogue. China cannot afford a war between the two nuclear states in its backyard. Billions of Chinese money has been invested in Pakistan, according to military dimension of the Chinese strategy Pakistan provides a buffer to China against the NATO and US military presence inside Afghanistan. China will not allow any destabilization inside Pakistan. One of the prime examples of this phenomenon can found in 2011 when US allegedly killed Osama Bin laden in Abbotabad and accused ISI (Pakistan’s intelligence agency) for providing safe haven to Osama Bin Laden. There was a fog of war in between Pakistan and US, during the midst of this crisis after the killing of Bin Laden China made it clear to the world that “any attack on Pakistan Would be construed as an attack on China”.

On the other side of the coin, Chinese strategists are also aware that a destabilized or failed Pakistan will also result in an increase of Indian influence in South Asia. For example; the physics of South Asian geopolitics clearly suggests that if one eliminates Pakistan from the map of South Asia, small states such as Nepal, Bhutan, Maladies and Sri Lanka are likely to fall under the control or influence of India assisted by US. This is an alarming situation for China; Chinese Chicken Neck is its Xinjiang region which is mainly Muslim dominated and according to the Chinese perspective being influenced by foreign powers such as the United Sates for proxy purposes. Pakistan naturally closes the western south gate of China. Therefore balkanization of Pakistan means losing South Asia to US-India-Israeli axis. Thus efforts by the Chinese to bring peace in between India and Pakistan are in the interest of not only China, India and Pakistan but also to the overall peace of the world. China does not want any war with any country as it follows a foreign policy of good relations with all neighbors and economic integration with everyone. (To be continued…)

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