PAY FOR YOUR OCCUPATION! Trump Proposes 150% Tribute for its EU Satellites


WASHINGTON – On March 8th President Donald Trump proposed during a discussion with Czech Prime Minister Babis, that every country in the European Union, where American soldiers are stationed, will have to pay the United States 150% of the cost of their maintenance. In direct terms, that is the billed cost plus 50%.

The first details of the negotiations between the US President and Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis became known. Now the White House is working on a system according to which each country in which American soldiers are stationed will have to pay 150 percent of the cost of their maintenance. Bloomberg informers call this system “Expenses + 50”. The Polish website writes in an article entitled “Do you want to have a US base in your country? It will be very expensive. ”

“If the White House really decides to introduce such a system, it will cause a big political storm in NATO and other allied countries. Almost certainly, some countries will not dare to incur such high expenses, ”

Germany today pays less than a third of the $1 billion spent annually on the maintenance of US bases in Germany. However, according to unofficial information from the White House, countries that pursue a foreign policy “very closely connected with the United States,” can count on a discount.

Warsaw media expressed the hope that Poland is just such a country, citing as an example the initiative of Andrzej Duda to build a permanent US base in the country, named after Trump – to be called ‘Fort Trump’.


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