Pentagon: US has supported the Ukrainian Army with $1.3 billion since the 2014 coup

NATO chief, US General Scaparrotti, asks for more


Deterring Russia has been and remains the basis for US and NATO funding requests. We read in Novorosinform:

The United States has supported the Ukrainian army with more than $1.3 since the coup in 2014, said Pentagon spokesman Eric Pachon, according to Izvestia. According to Pachon, the money went to strengthen the army and improve its interaction with NATO.
At the same time, the representative of the US Department of Defense stressed that Washington welcomes Kiev’s aspiration to join NATO. “We strongly support the right of this country to freely choose its future and political course without external interference,” Pachon said.

On March 5, Curtis Scaparrotti, Commander-in-Chief of the US Army in Europe, requested additional forces to contain Russia.

The US Army in Europe needs additional air and naval forces to deter Russia as part of the European Defense Initiative, said the head of the command of the US Armed Forces in the EU, General Curtis Scaparrotti, According to him, the command has begun setting out the budgetary basis for the rapid deployment of fourth and fifth generation combat aircraft, as well as bombers.

“We are requesting additional maritime potential in order to increase the lethality of our weapons in the maritime aspect and to confront Russian potential at sea,” Scaparrotti said.

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The general also noted that the command is working with the Ministry of Defense to increase the rotational presence of destroyers with rocket weapons, aircraft carrier groups and submarines.

“All this provides lethal combat force that will deter our opponents and confront the growing threats in the submarine sphere,” said Scaparrotti.

We recall that on February 26, American intelligence officers arrived at the Ukrainian positions in the Donbass. The delegation also included “defense attache Colonel Kevin Wofford, assistant military attache Lieutenant Colonel Eric Adam, marine attache Colonel Shaimos Quinn, and a representative of the defense attache Lieutenant David Langis.
On February 16, President of Ukraine Poroshenko, after meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence, said he expects Washington to supply “all types of weapons.”
Earlier, the Pentagon announced the recruitment of translators with the knowledge of “movy” to help American mercenaries in Ukraine.
Translator note: This public announcement calling for translators is a recent acknowledgement that US personnel  are fighting in Ukraine. I remember reading  that 200 “advisors” were there in the summer of 2014. The total number is unknown.

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