Poroshenko Doomed – Ukrainian TV Star Zelensky Plays President on Hit Show – Leads in Polls


KIEV – Ukrainian voters do not mind the blurring of fact and fiction. The third season of the hit Ukrainian show, “Servant of the People ” in which the main role is played by presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, will start on March 27th, four days before the elections. This was reported by the channel “1 + 1”, which will show the series.

While candidates from the east of Ukraine continue to quarrel, Vladimir Zelensky, Yulia Tymoshenko and Petro Poroshenko are fighting for the second round.

On the first day, a premier with two back-to-back episodes is scheduled, and the next day, another one, RIA Novosti reports. The press service stressed that the channel has transferred all documents for obtaining a rental certificate to the appropriate authorities and is awaiting confirmation of permission for the show.

Earlier, the public organization “Committee of Voters of Ukraine” complained to Zelensky with an appeal to pay for the show of the series from the election fund.

The series “Servant of the People” was initially broadcast in 2015. It surrounds the story of a school teacher Vasily Goloborodko (Zelensky’s role), who becomes a viral internet sensation after students captured his lecture on poverty and corruption in Ukrainian society on a smartphone, and then from here goes into politics and faced-off with officials and oligarchs. Two years later in 2017, the second season came out.

Numerous Ukrainians supporting Zelensky believe that he is Goloborodko, his supporters shout ‘Vasily’ at his public events, even though his name is Vladimir.

Zelensky is Jewish, which appears to have the effect of further polarizing the neo nazi movement in Ukraine. It may also detract from the Jewish heritage of Poroshenko, whose real name is Waltzman.

Elections of the President of Ukraine will be held March 31. According to the survey, submitted on March 20, Zelensky is the definite favorite of the election race. In the event of going to the second round of voting, he will be able to defeat both the current head of state, Petro Poroshenko, and the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko.

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