Poroshenko Losing Support Among U.S Backers, time in power now limited

By Anton Orlovsky


By Anton Orlovsky – The Ukrainian president-oligarch Poroshenko has repeatedly confirmed that he is a puppet of the United States. His very coming to the post of the country’s leader was not without the support of Washington. But over the past five years, Poroshenko has lost confidence. Now nobody needs it.

A senior researcher at the American Atlantic Council analytical center, journalist Diana Francis sharply criticized the Ukrainian president in her article . According to her, this person does not deserve to hold the post of head of state in the future.

Frances drew attention to the high level of crime in Ukraine. She cited the example of a corruption scandal involving the family of a close ally of the Ukrainian guarantor of the Gladkovskys (Oleg Gladkovsky, First Deputy Secretary of National Security and Defence Council (NSCD) of Ukraine – ed. Flores).

In addition, the American journalist believes that in the near future, Maidan Square “isn’t eager” to get into the European Union.

Diana Francis wrote that for this, Kiev needs to adopt a series of laws and raise the level of prestige of its country. According to her, the Ukrainian economy continues to degrade, and the country is ruled by the policies of the “third world”.

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It should be noted that such an assessment fully coincides with the real situation. Over the past five years, Petro Poroshenko has actually destroyed the state from the inside. He allowed Western politicians to take advantage of people and actually turned Ukraine into a colony.

In this case, Poroshenko himself mired in a heap of corruption scandals. And this, in turn, is not beneficial to American curators. It is easier for them to put a new person at the helm of the country than to let the Independent “candy oligarch” lead.

So a quick farewell with Petro Poroshenko is not excluded. So far everything is going against him.


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