Rada Begins Impeachment Process: “Poroshenko Should Be Shot For Corruption!” – Ukrainian Election Turns Violent


KIEV – Yesterday, Pyotr Poroshenko banned Russian observers from the upcoming presidential elections in March. He is apparently greatly concerned about not only the possible results of the upcoming elections where he presently polls in third place, but also about the announcement of impeachment proceedings against him by the now united opposition parties.

In response, Poroshenko immediately signed another decree inviting the American and British militaries to formally occupy Ukraine. The nominal reason given is to train the Ukrainian Army. But right now, Poroshenko could use foreign support to remain in power. He’s risking getting impeached, and his attempts to talk to his voters seem to backfire and end up creating additional problems rather than the desired outcomes.

Tymoshenko and Lyashko – two opposition leaders who often fail to see eye to eye – have come together over this move, which adds significant weight to the threat in Poroshenko’s eyes. Tymoshenko presently polls ahead of Poroshenko, and her campaign has undergone several metamorphoses.

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Tymoshenko began her campaign striking a conciliatory tone, explaining that through dialogue and ‘cool headed’ talks with the Russian side, that Crimea could be had back, and the paramilitaries in the rebellious Donbass eventually disarmed.

Lyashko, has attacked from the opposite direction – claiming that Poroshenko’s military campaign has been too soft, and his campaign has focused on the weapons contract corruption scandals, the fact that because much of the Ukrainian military still uses Russian/Soviet made parts, Poroshenko has continued on ‘good terms’ with Russian weapons manufacturers – however, he is accused of making ‘ghost transactions’, and pocketing the money – meanwhile much of Ukraine’s Russian and Soviet made equipment has not seen the repairs and upgrades promised.

It is always likely that Poroshenko will attempt to work with intelligence services to provoke another ‘false flag’ or similar, in order to give a pretext to suspend elections and declare, again, a state of martial law.


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