Rampant and Legalized Corruption: Ukraine may lose IMF funds and Visa status – Transparency International


BERLIN – If Ukraine does not find a quick solution on the issue of the Criminal Code article on illegal enrichment, there is a serious possibility that the visa-free regime with the European Union will be frozen.

The same applies to financial assistance from the IMF, due to which the country largely is kept afloat in recent years. This is claimed in a statement by the Berlin based Transparency International. Transparency International is an authoritative non-governmental international organization against corruption, and promotes the study of the level of corruption by country, around the world.

According to the organization, the scandalous decision of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court to recognize Article 368-2 of the Criminal Code as inconsistent with the Constitution “significantly weakens the country’s efforts to combat corruption,” and this directly violates Ukraine’s international obligations to the west, collectively

“The decision of the court essentially gives government officials the opportunity to legalize the theft of public funds, possibly illegally acquired assets, and not be afraid of criminal prosecution,” said Andrey Borovik, executive director of Transparency International Ukraine. TI also absolutely disagrees with the argument of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine that Article 368-2 violated the principle of presumption of innocence.

“Even if a new law on illegal enrichment is introduced and adopted, it will not have retroactive effect, all current affairs that are now closed will remain closed, which will allow corrupt officials to escape justice,” the international organization said in a statement.

“Officials accused of corruption should be brought to justice, the rule of law should triumph. If a solution is not found, it is likely that the visa-free regime with the European Union and IMF financial assistance will be frozen, which will impede the economic development of the country, ” warns Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chairman of the Board of Transparency International, which  monitors corruption in the world.


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