Complete Venezuela Comments from Zakharova: Electric trouble came from outside

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Russian Foreign Ministry official site

On the situation in Venezuela
The situation in and around Venezuela continues to be extremely tense. Following the failed attempt at the end of February. of the so-called “humanitarian” invasion, and the unceasing provocative activity of the self-proclaimed “interim president,” this week a serious disaster came to Venezuela that has cost the lives of Venezuela’s citizens.

And it came about, unfortunately, the way we talked about during our previous briefing on March 7, through sabotage, just a few hours after our warning. Like the absolute majority of the troubles that have befallen independent Venezuela in recent years, this trouble came from outside. According to the legal Government of the country, led by President N.Maduro, as well as information from other reliable sources confirming this information, the Venezuelan power sector has been attacked from abroad.

We are talking about the integrated remote impact on the control and monitoring systems of the main power distribution stations, where equipment produced in one of the western countries was installed. Of course, that means all the algorithms of work and vulnerabilities of this equipment and the corresponding systems were well known to the direct organizers of the aggression. They, and the authorizers of the sabotage are responsible for the deaths of people, including in the hospitals left without electricity. We hope that this responsibility will sooner or later take the form of a court sentence. Now under investigation.

Anticipating possible questions in connection with the recent statement by President N. Maduro on this subject, I will answer immediately. In the case of receiving a formal appeal on the assistance of our specialists in the investigation, it will be considered very carefully.

I would like to note that such a harmful effect on infrastructure facilities is increasingly used as a method of so-called hybrid warfare. In connection with the situation in Venezuela, a parallel to the situation in the Kherson region of Ukraine in the fall of 2015 suggests itself. Let me remind you, then right-wing radicals, desperate to break the will of the Crimeans, introduced the so-called “water blockade” of the Crimea, and blew up the power lines leading to the peninsula, consciously putting the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of people at risk.

The so-called heroes of Maidan, in order to achieve their own goals under the auspices of the United States and a number of their allies, did not disdain the most unscrupulous methods. In particular, M. Dzhemilev, against whom a criminal case was initiated in absentia in Russia, during the period of the energy blockade of the Crimea,that he supported, demanded a complete stop of electricity to the peninsula and wondered why food products still continued to flow there.

That is, he called for the organization of a food blockade – the implementation of the most terrible and tragic episodes of world wars. Apparently, inhumanity and neglect of the elementary norms of human morality are common features of those who put themselves above international law, be it in relation to the inhabitants of Crimea or Venezuela.

In its truly manic desire to overthrow the legitimate government of a sovereign state by any means, Washington does not hesitate to work out any scenarios, realizing them both sequentially and in parallel.  Let’s go point by point. So, item “a”. The predictable collapse of attempts by the United States, which declared “all options on the table”, to secure at least the slightest understanding of the countries of the region and the international community (attention, point “a”) – the possibility of Aggression from outside. Unable to hide their attempts from the international community (point “b”). Belligerent Brigades — illegal armed groups. We have already talked about plans to purchase weapons in Eastern Europe and the illegal supply of large quantities of weapons to Venezuela. By the way, it recently became clear that the US intelligence agencies are working to establish contacts with smugglers and drug traffickers in order to provide them with information about illegal cross-border crossings. By the way, it recently became clear that the US intelligence agencies are working to establish contacts with smugglers and drug traffickers in order to provide them with information about illegal cross-border crossings.
Another point b: a bet on the military coup. And failure again.
Point “c” also has something to tell us. The “Humanitarian” invasion collapsed. [Г, sharing the position of C, Begins the word for “humanitarian” in Russian — tr] By the way, a remarkable detail. Another example of the White House’s “double standards” policy is the rejection of Havana’s proposals to provide humanitarian aid to the United States in eliminating the consequences of Katrina hurricanes in New Orleans (USA) in 2005 and Mary in Puerto Rico in 2017.

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The Cuban leadership at the time notified Washington of its readiness to provide such assistance. It was about sending teams of Cuban doctors, dozens of tons of medicines and medical equipment, as well as the deployment of field hospitals. The administration of G. Bush and D. Trump refused Havana’s offer, although under different pretexts. This is despite the fact that the Cubans emphasized their readiness to render assistance without preliminary conditions, without in any way linking this step with the demand to lift the financial and economic blockade of the island by Washington.

I would especially like to emphasize that in both cases the Cuban leadership acted in strict accordance with international norms and rules for the provision of humanitarian assistance, respected the refusal of Washington to accept the proposed assistance, did not impose it by force, and did not use it for propaganda purposes. After that, when you hear the laments of American politicians that the proposed humanitarian aid is not being accepted for the suffering people of Venezuela, this is a clear sign that the government should back off, forgetting to say that, in general, the people of this country are suffering from the sanctions of Washington itself. This is absurd.
In recent years, evidence of the use of point “d” of a criminal plan has become increasingly frequent. This is Diversion. [“Diversi” is the Russian word for sabotage. –tr] Subversive and subversive activities in relation to peaceful objects are always subject to the same vicious logic, the worse, the better. For whom it is worse (the target in this case is the same – it is the Venezuelan people), and for whom it is better, I think everyone understands.
At this point, we are done with a list of points, because then follow the favorite ones in the Russian language “e” and “f”.
Speaking seriously, we recommend to those who are engaged in building illegal plans, contrary to international law, consisting of paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, that they think more about what this will all lead to.

In the meantime, the news about Washington’s decision to evacuate all the remaining personnel of its diplomatic mission in Caracas was alarming. There is nothing unusual in such an intention, because American diplomats were immediately shown the door after the break in diplomatic relations between Venezuela and the United States. Another alarming thing is that US Secretary of State M. Pompeo said that the presence of personnel was a limitation for US actions. What actions are meant?

Returning to the thesis of the so-called “ humanitarian crisis in Venezuela,” we would like to draw attention to another statement by M. Pompeo, who claims that the United States is not involved in the fall-off of agricultural production in Venezuela. The US administration diligently spins the flywheel of economic sanctions against Venezuela, the direct damage of which is comparable to the cost of the legitimate Government of N.Maduro for the annual purchase of imported raw materials for the food industry (more than 800 million USD).

In the meantime, according to US National Security Assistant President J. Bolton, new sanctions are being studied in order to strengthen “the grip, and to deprive N. Maduro’s regime of money.” What else is there to comment? Maybe it was not crazy to hear it 100-200 years ago, when it was not customary to use references to international law, human rights and the humanitarian component. But we live in 2019. How is all this possible?

All this is aggravated by the speed of information dissemination, when everything becomes known to everyone literally in a second. How can these things coexist in countries that call themselves civilized, open, free and democratic? Apparently, in Washington they prefer to remain captive to their own illusions.

The words of Secretary of State M. Pompeo about the “sharp response of the world community to Russia” (“the international community sharply rebuked Russia”) and “54 democratic states that formally supported” the so-called interim president of Venezuela do not correspond to reality. Apparently, “foreign friends of Venezuelan democracy,” in the heat of their persecution do not want to notice the simple fact that more than two thirds of the UN member states still refrain from recognizing the illegitimate protege of Washington, who, by the way, recently said that he will continue to fulfill presidential duties, to “embody the hopes that have come from the Venezuelans in the recent days.”
When the media commented on this politician’s return to the homeland, there was evidence that he flew in a regular flight. Many noted that he did not check in for the flight. As an ordinary regular flight, but he flew without registration – a big question.

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