REVELATION: Venezuelan Troops Offered $20k Each to DEFECT


CARACAS – Soldiers from the National Guard of Venezuela were promised $ 20 thousand for desertion. This was announced by Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino.

According to him, the command counted about 100 people who crossed the border in the hope of reward. Padrino called such promises false and noted that deserters do not affect the combat capability of the Venezuelan army, Caracas announced.

He also stated that the deserters who had crossed the border were simply deceived young people, and also noted that real soldiers adhere to a code of honor and would never have become mercenaries.

On February 23, a convoy of trucks carrying American humanitarian aid arrived in Venezuela from Colombia. On the same day, one of the cars was burned  on the Venezuelan part of the bridge on the border of the two countries. FRN exposed this as a false flag at the time.

On February 26, opposition representatives pelted  Venezuelan soldiers with incendiary bottles during clashes on the border with Colombia. As a result of the riots, several people died, over 300 were injured.

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On January 23, against the backdrop of protest actions, opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the interim president. The policy was supported by the US authorities, who a week later imposed sanctions against the republic, as well as Canada, many Latin American countries, including Brazil and Argentina, and most of the EU countries.

In response, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro broke off diplomatic relations with Washington and accused the White House of attempting a coup d’état. Russia, China, Cuba, India, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkey expressed support for Maduro. Moscow called the events in the republic a quasi- coup with the participation of foreign countries.

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