Russia-China Demolished U.S Military in War Games, but is China’s Geopolitical Position as Simple?


In recent simulation war-games conducted by the US military, China and Russia entirely obliterated the US forces. The much-vaunted F-35 by and large was not even able to get off the ground before its carriers were sunk. FRN reported on this very interesting story:

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But there’s more to this story: China and the US, although political and military rivals, have had a fruitful economic relationship since Nixon’s China-US thaw in the ’70s, when China needed an ally against the vastly technologically superior USSR (all of this happening because of the Sino-Soviet split in the late ’60s).

This economic relationship is very unlikely to change anytime soon. China is the largest holder of American debt and also has the largest US dollar foreign reserves in the world. And of course, the US is the largest and the most important market for Chinese products. China holds a great deal of power over the US, but the reverse is also true.

Moscow definitely has its deal of frustrations because of this and thus can’t officiate an open anti-Western alliance with China, but also, Russian diplomacy is top tier and they realize that this is the reality.

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Right now, the relations in Asia are extremely complicated. We have Russia and Iran, which are in a relatively open confrontation with the West, China which has a passive, crawling confrontation with the West and Western-allied countries, but in the same time, these countries and their markets are the reason for China’s unsurpassed economic boom. And then, we have India, which sees China as a relatively hostile neighbor, and sees Pakistan as a primary adversary.

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Pakistan has an alliance with China, but is also an unwilling ally of the US (and also one of the largest recipients of the US foreign military aid program), and also has bad relations with Iran, which is a natural ally for India, but India has also been experiencing political advances on part of the US, which is trying to create a functioning alliance in order to “contain” China, but China also has a certain level of cooperation with Iran.

So, all of this geopolitical mess is extremely difficult to handle, even for such a diplomatic superpower, like Russia. The end of the trade war between China and America is generally a good thing, especially for regular people, but the very fact that there is a trade war between them will likely leave consequences when it comes to any future cooperation.

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