RUSSIA-GATE COLLAPSES – Smugnorant Rachel Maddow is now the Adrien Broner of MSM

The Anti-climatic end of the Mueller Investigation provides a peak into the Absurd


Published on: Mar 26, 2019 @ 12:32

As the Russia-gate investigation falls on its face, as justice demanded it would, we have revealed the Russophobic western MSM for what it is. And its cast of characters!! Oh, its cast of characters. Like Rachel Maddow, who has gone into complete melt-down mode.

Rachel Maddow is now the Adrien Broner of mainstream media news

Here’s what I mean.

Everybody thought Adrien Broner was going to be a boxing superstar. But then he lost to Maidana.
And then he lost another fight, and another one, and another one. Now he’s just an overpaid gatekeeper.
So how does Adrien continue to make the big money if he loses against every credible opponent whom he meets?

Here’s how he does it:

He plays the bad boy. He gets arrested. He makes noise. He talks trash. He generates controversy.
He deliberately makes fans hate him, so they’ll pay for the pleasure of watching him lose.
So every single credible opponent beats him, but he’ll still get something close to a 50-50 split on money. Fans will continue to watch him in pay-per-view fights, because they hate him and his infantile ignorant behaviour so much, they want to see him lose so bad.

Adrien Broner understands this perfectly well of course. He’s not actually a professional athlete anymore
– he’s a reality star.

He said it himself at the post-fight presser, implicitly, after he got wiped out by Pacquiao. He had won a maximum of 2 rounds against Pacquiao, but with a smile on his face, Broner said to the fight-scribes:
“You still pay to watch me.”
In other words, he knows that he’s a circus-clown now, not an athlete, but he’ll still get paid almost as much.

A professional athlete’s job is to win. A reality-star’s job is to lose, to be a freak, a clown, an object of ridicule.
Broner knows this – he gives the fans what they want, and continues to make millions doing it, even if he loses to every single credible opponent.
In fact, especially if he loses to every credible opponent.
That’s his hustle now – generating PPV-buys by giving fans the visceral pleasure of watching him lose.

I presume at this point that you see the analogy to Rachel Maddow.
After Russiagate, she knows that she’s not credible anymore.
Actually, she hasn’t been credible for a long, long time.
She cries on TV too fucking often to be credible, and she’s FAR too ideologically driven and “smugnorant” to be credible.
So she’s not even trying to sell credibility anymore, just like Broner isn’t trying to sell credibility as an athlete anymore.

So what now earns Rachel Maddow her astrnomical salary?
Simply the fact that she’s so unhinged, the fact that she cries on TV at every opportunity, the fact that she’s a fundamentalist nut-job. People will continue to tune in, to watch the freak.
Like Broner is a reality-star who makes millions by pretending to be an athlete, Rachel Maddow is a reality-star who makes millions by pretending to be a journalist.
Neither of them is in the “credibility” business.
They’re both circus-clowns, and they know it.
They’re still hustling you, getting paid millions to play the clown.

But it’s ironic just how closely this devolution of the Rachel Maddow brand mirrors the devolution of the Trump-brand.
Trump KNEW that the more vulgar he was, the more sexist and openly racist he was, the more openly sociopathic he was, the more people would vote for him.
So he played the clown, and the circus-crowd did exactly what he expected – they voted for him.

Maddow knows that she’s clowning, but she may not fully realize that Trump was the innovator of this political clown marketing-strategy. Her whole schtick is now Trumpian to its core.
Oh, the irony.  🙂

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