SERBIA: In Face of Violent Foreign-Backed ‘Color’ Protests, Vucic SMACKS DOWN Calls for ‘Early Elections’

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BELGRADE – The President of Serbia and the leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, Alexander Vucic, is holding firm to respecting the outcome of the last election and his broad base of support, and high approval ratings over a series of important questions. On the basis of this he has doubled-down on rejecting the demands of an opposition that has turned increasingly violent, led by U.S State Department asset Vuk Jeremic.

President Vucic clarified the position of government  at the meeting on March 25th in Belgrade, that the party’s leadership did not make a final decision on the holding of early parliamentary elections. According to him, if any early elections are held, it will not be this fall (end of 2019), but “in the spring or next June” of 2020.According to Vucic, all members of the party’s presidium, except himself, supported the holding of extraordinary parliamentary elections.

“I abstained, and we agreed that I would very soon explain to them what we can do on the issue of membership in the EU, Kosovo and Metohija, large investments,” the Beta news agency quoted the President of Serbia.

Vucic added that the opposition “cannot change anything by violence” – changes can occur only after the elections, but the opposition itself “well knows that it does not have the support of citizens”.While protests have numbered in the thousands, millions voted for Vucic in the 2017 presidential election, in which there was over 60% voter turn out, giving Vucic 55% of the vote.

Alexander Vucic also said that the inner-party elections in the Serbian Progressive Party will begin on September 1st and continue until the end of the year, when the regular party congress will take place. According to him, inner-party elections are important, because those representatives of the party “who worked in the interests of citizens” should receive support, and those who “did not show enough energy and hard work” should be dismissed.

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The Serbian President also noted that he had discussed the issue of Kosovo and Metohija with the leadership of his party. “We are interested in Kosovo and Metohija, we are engaged in this and this is one of the main issues. I acquainted the members of the Presidium of the Serbian Progressive Party with everything that is happening around the negotiations (with the Kosovo separatists) and the introduction of duties on our goods. For us, the safety and lives of our citizens is the main thing, and I am sure that KFOR will support us in this, but the Serbian state will not abandon its people to the mercy of fate,” Vucic said.

Russian President Putin has stated that he supports Vucic and the territorial integrity of Serbia, which includes Kosovo. Serbia, preparing for possible destabilization that could come from multiple directions at once, including from internal ‘color protesters’, has developed a multi-vectored strategy. This includes clarification that Serbia rejects NATO membership, not giving in to the demands of a foreign-organized radicalized minority who have taken to the streets, and restoring the selective service for young men. The aim here is to increase the size of the reserves. The armed forces of Bosnia, minus those of Republika Srpska which is pro-Serbia, Albania, and the so-called Kosovar military police, all threaten Serbia with war on several fronts.

The Serbian President also announced that the Serbian Progressive Party plans to hold a large rally in Belgrade on April 19th as part of the “Future of Serbia” campaign.Recall that in Serbia, anti-government meetings under the slogan “One in Five Millions” have been held every Saturday for several months, at which representatives of opposition parties are demanding the resignation of the Serbian President and holding fair and transparent parliamentary elections.

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