SHOCKING CONFESSION – Ukrainian FM Admits – Collapse of USSR has had ‘Opposite’ Effect on Education, Science than Projected

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KIEV – Mar 24, 2019 @ 19:03Against the background of the mass de-Sovietization and de-communization – also known as lustration, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, acknowledged that after Ukraine’s withdrawal from the USSR, the level of education in the country “fell below the floor”.

The article “Science and Education. Stop the degradation ” by Klimkin appeared on the pages of the  publication ‘Pravda Ukraine’. In it, Klimkin notes that the Ukrainian authorities were expecting a positive impact of the collapse of the Soviet Union on the national sphere of education, but “everything happened exactly the opposite.”

At the moment of the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine had the 9th largest economy in the world, alone. Liberal reformers and oligarchs apparently believed that the ‘wall street miracle’ of privatization and liberalization of the society and the economy would place Ukraine towards further greatness. Klimkin laments that “the opposite” in fact took place.

According to the Ukrainian minister, citizens massively left science and education to the private sector, or emigrated from Ukraine. The significant brain drain on Ukraine, following the privatization and liberalization of the economy has been noted by numerous analysts over the last two decades.

Today, Ukraine’s per capita GDP is around $2,000 USD, compared with $10,000 in Russia. The average monthly salary in Ukraine is about $180 USD, poverty wages even by Ukraine’s own living costs. The median wage is unknown, but given that the average of $180 includes the padded salaries of the elites in the figure, it is very likely to be considerably lower than the figure presented.

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Prior to the Maidan color revolution in Ukraine, backed by the U.S, Ukraine’s per capita GDP was about $4,000, making the reality of the present situation and the model of U.S interference highly problematic.

Yet the lack of real opportunities and economic hardships, resulting from privatization and corruption at the highest levels, has led to two generations now, without meaningful employment. This has provided the fertile soil for the rise of the large Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine today. Rather than succeeding at changing Ukrainian society, however, this Neo-Nazi movement has been used as, what has been described as ‘cannon fodder’, to wage war on the Russian ethnic minority in the east of the failed state.

Klimkin continues in his candid disclosure;

“The social and material status of the scientist and teacher was lowered below the floor, the former honors pupils became complete losers comparable to destitute and  homeless people,” the article by Minister Klimkin notes.

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