Sorry America – Egypt to go FORWARD With $2 Billion Russia Contract for Dozens of Su-35 Jets

By Kristina Rus


Translated by Kristina Rus, from Military Pravda –

See FRN’s prior reportage on this developing story. Today’s piece gives greater details – ed

Russia has signed a $2 billion contract for the supply of dozens of Su-35 fighters to Egypt.

Egypt, purchasing Su-35 planes from Russia, makes a political and pragmatic choice, and sanctions will not be imposed on Cairo, said Orientalist Taimur Dvidar.

Egypt was not deterred by the sanctions that were imposed on China after the procurement of the same fighters in 2018. The sanctions imply a refusal to issue Chinese manufacturers of export licenses, a ban on conducting operations with the US financial system, as well as blocking assets under the jurisdiction of the United States. The head of the organization was denied entry into American territory.

As Pravda.Ru was told by the Middle East expert, political analyst Taimur Dvidar, Egypt “made a political and pragmatic choice.” The United States, the expert explained, is supplying an offensive version of its military aircraft to Israel, and a defensive version to Egypt. “Accordingly, the pilot of an Israeli plane, speaking conditionally, sees the plane taking off and landing in Egypt, while the Egyptian does not see the same actions of its Israeli counterpart,” said Taimour Davidar.

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In addition, after the removal of President Mursi, the West refused to deliver to Egypt not only arms according to contracts, but also spare parts for them, the expert continued. For example, from the UK – the spare parts for helicopters, which in Egypt are operated by the police and the military to fight terrorism. “In order to diversify their risks, the Egyptians traditionally consider the purchase of weapons from Russia, as well as the modernization of previously delivered weapons, even Soviet ones,” said the expert.

“The Su-35 is not inferior to the American product, and even better in some ways. The balance that Egypt represents in the region requires such an approach,” said Taimour Davidar. According to him, the Americans, “although they criticize Egypt for a number of points,” will not impose sanctions against Cairo, “because Egypt is their strategic partner.” “This (the procurement of Russian weapons) is nothing new for Americans. The balance in the Middle East between Egypt and Israel is maintained, so everything is in order,” the expert concluded.

Note that Egypt is becoming a strategic partner of Russia. Mohab Mamish, chairman of the Suez Canal Administration (SCA) and head of the Suez Canal economic zone, said on February 21 that construction of the Russian industrial zone would begin “by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021”. It will attract $7 billion in investments. Another joint project, the New Suez Canal, will be implemented along the existing Suez Canal to connect the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Its construction has already begun. The Egyptian state predicts that this artificial waterway will generate an annual income of 12.3 billion dollars by 2023. An agreement has been reached on a third large-scale project – the construction of the Dabaa NPP with the allocation of a $ 21 billion loan to Egypt for construction.

Such cooperation is an opportunity to further penetrate the African, Middle East and European markets, including weapons. On January 10, the British company Standard Chartered predicted that by 2030, the Egyptian economy would outpace the economies of Russia, Japan and Germany with a GDP of $8.2 trillion dollars.

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