Terrorism in New Zealand – It’s important to discuss how we got to where we are now

By Mimi Al Laham


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This originally appeared on her FB wall which has been downthrottled by FB, as we all have, we republish this to aid in circulation – ed. J.Flores 

By Mimi Al Laham – I do apologise for delayed my response here on facebook, to this horrific event, but the times facebook censored me has made me neglectful of this platform. It is ironic that the terrorist uploaded his murderous rampage on facebook. I’d like to highlight that he is a terrorist not just a ‘shooter’.

Anyone who has seen the video and has humanity in them would be shaken to their core at the screams of men, women and children, even someone like me who is used to seeing the horrors of war.

As a Syrian, a nationalist, and Muslim immigrant to Australia, I’d like to offer my perspective. Syrians were among the dead, Khaled Mustapha in the pic he was killed and, one of his sons is injured and the other is missing.

It’s easy to dismiss the terrorist as a mad man, his manifesto making some remarks about white nationalism while missing the memo that Islam is not a race. But his ideology and his actions are a product of our era. This is why I think it’s important to discuss how we got to where we are now, with the entire world from the middle east to Australia on fire, a cyclone of hate and destruction.

This cycle started with the actions of governments, not people. A corporate banking state apparatus that I’m going to label the establishment in the interest of brevity. There are many points in time we could consider the spark that started it all as colonialism has a long history, but what comes to mind are the actions of the CIA which created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight the soviet union in the 1980s.

The same establishment then used 9/11 to fan the flames of hatred against Muslims and middle easterners and start multiple wars, against first Afghanistan, but also against the secular non-religious government of Iraq. A war which resulted in the installation of the religious Dawa party, a million deaths, the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS, the ethnic cleansing of Christians and the creation of a flood of refugees.

At that time, fox news journalists where getting promoted for dehumanising Iraqis with racist slurs, the idea that some Iraqis were Christians not Muslim or that Saddam’s government secular was unheard off in the mainstream. Evangelical Christians and Zionists preached their brand of religious extremist. It was normal then, for young men, to express a desire to join the ranks of the US or Australian army to kill ‘Muslims’. Just like this terrorist did.

Perhaps the first mosque shooting caught on video, was in Iraq 2004, when US Marines were invading the city of Fallujah. They stormed a mosque and found a wounded unarmed man, they declared ‘he’s faking he’s dead” shot him then said, “he’s dead now”. The military ruled it was in ‘self defence’.

In the meantime refugees where fleeing the war and pre-established migrants in the west where feeling segregated. The fanning of hatred of Muslims fed a cycle and got many radical youths to join up as footsoldiers NATOs next wars against two secular middle eastern states Libya and Syria.
At the time the terrorists were called freedom fighters.

At that point, it was no longer politically correct to be Islamaphobic or racist. But not for long, for the same establishment has been suppressing Islamaphobia while fanning it. It’s the same man who controls most of the media, after all, Rupert Murdoch. His connections with Israel and it’s the project of stealing Syria’s oil “Genie Energy” is well known. This man ‘s media arms simultaneously fans the flames of islamophobia to defend Israel, sympathising with Islamist militias, promotes regime change wars while sympathising with the refugees they created.

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Of course, they see money in that too, a break down in borders is an end to tariffs and creates cheaper labour, meanwhile, the ISIS they empowered and armed began committing terrorist attacks across the world, in the west yes, but mostly in the east, killing middle easterners, like the Syrian army which fought ISIS, many of whose members are Muslim.

Which brings me to this point, the thing that strikes me about the reaction to this terrorist attack is the hypocrisy of politicians and the establishment media who are feigning crocodiles tears over it. The deaths of Muslims in the west count for something, but the deaths of Muslims (or even Christians) in the middle east count for nothing in their eyes. It seems it takes immigrating to west for an individual to be considered human. You could argue it’s about the proximity of the event but, the US, France, and Newzealand are not close to each other, still, they form a sympathy declaration club.

People like Hillary Clinton and Obama, that armed AlQaeda in Syria and Libya, that killed more Muslims and Christians than this terrorist ever could. These people that destroyed nations feigning sympathy for a mosque shooting.

Even Madaline Albright who said killing half a million Iraqi babies was worth it and Netanyahu who is actively bombing mosques and ethnically cleansing both Christians and Muslims Palestinians, offered sympathy for this attack. Their hypocrisy is vomit inducing.

Even left liberals and 1st world Muslims like Ilhan Omar are guilty of this bias, she claims to oppose AIPAC, but she’s currently tweeting support for terrorist in Syria while simultaneously condemning the attack in Christchurch NewZealand. Left-liberals that preach inclusivity while turning a blind eye to the foreign wars.

The media which has been ignoring terrorist attacks in Syria for 8 years, including the beheading of a 12-year-old boy by a CIA, vetted an armed group, the beheading of countless others, the double car bomb attacks against schools market places, the bombing of a bus that killed 200 civilians which CNN called “a hiccup”. There were no sympathy calls then, the Eiffel tower did not turn off. At the time the establishment and its’ media implied Assad was behind it all tarnishing the good name of their heart eating revolutionary, that is if they acknowledged the war crime.

And it’s not just the West’s establishment but Israel too that openly backed alqaeda and ISIL, saying and I quote ‘they prefer an ISIS victory”. I mean after all, it was Israel that wrote the blueprint for these wars called the ‘oded yinon plan.’

But the majority of the far right in Australian support Israel and the establishment that causes these wars.

Like Queensland senator, Frasier Anning made a statement calling Islam a violent religion unlike any other, while quoting scripture to legitimise the terrorist attack on them. As someone whose country was destroyed by Wahhabist Islamic doctrine, I wonder does it occur to Fraiser the evangelical Christians are the biggest pushers of neocon wars? if it doesn’t occur to Fraiser that the Israeli state he supports is based on Zionism a genocidal cult of Judaism? His complaints about population replacement while he supports Israeli settlements practising population replacement against Christian and Muslim Palestinians. There are muslims, christians, and jews that are rejecting these violent movements within them.

White nationalism may hold him up as a sword for opposing immigration but he the only type of immigration he opposes is an Islamic one, he doesn’t mind other immigrant races if they are Christian.

Though his comments on immigration is what the media focused on, I feel the thing that struck me most was that he described the terrorist attack as an act of ‘vigilantism’, meaning it was people taking justice into their own hands in place of government. That’s where I think the condemnation of the Australian establishment against him is hypocritical. They may not agree with his position on immigration, but they certainly agree that killing Muslims is strictly an activity of a state rather than for ‘vigilantes’ there happy to slaughter millions of Muslim and Christian middle easterners as well as fund terrorism overseas if it suits their regime change globalisation agenda.

The senator’s divisive words and the actions of the terrorists added to this cycle, no matter what they thought they would achieve. The establishment will benefit, they will divide and conquer, they will entrench and censor. They will continue the carnage till there is nothing left but their one monopoly of power and wealth.

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