‘U.S Violates all Ethical and Legal Norms’ – Lavrov SLAMS U.S Interference in European Parliament


MOSCOW – Lavrov has just spoken publicly about the interference of the US in the European Parliament. Today, the European Parliament adopted a self-defeating document which summarily ends the EU’s consideration of Russia as its ‘Strategic partner’. Lavrov understands this to be further evidence of the US’s interference or meddling in the political processes of the EU’s EP. 

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“The introduction of US sanctions against the Nord Stream II project and all companies associated with it is, under international law, contrary to all the tenets and norms.” This was announced at a press conference on March 12 by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov .

Under international law, as the minister noted, there should be an elementary competition of economic approaches and proposals, which also meets the rules of the World Trade Organization. The rules that a narrow group of countries have invented and are trying to impose them on everyone else solely in their own interests fit into the logic that the USA is pursuing today, Lavrov noted. The head of Russia’s diplomatic corps continued:

“Calling to stop the Nord Stream-2 project is purely political, Washington demands that the EU abandon it and buy American gas which is 20-30% more expensive. It turns out that this will not be a political, but an economic project. Yes, it will be purely commercial for the United States, because they will receive additional income. For those whom they are trying to force to abandon Nord Stream-2 and switch to more expensive American gas, this decision will be political, although they will try to justify if with all sorts of illegitimate unilateral economic sanctions. I have already mentioned that in Washington all diplomacy comes down to sanctions. This applies to Nord Stream-2 and a number of other areas, ”

He recalled that recently US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Rosneft of violating US sanctions against the Venezuelan oil company and demanded that Russia to stop buying oil from PDVSA (PDVSA).

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“How can this be explained? By the way, a bad example is contagious. Juan Guaido , whom US Vice President Mike Pence proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, has already announced that his country should stop selling oil to Cuba. How does this fit in with international law? No – We must compete honestly. We see a gross violation of all ethical and legal norms, when the United States requires, in fact, from any country in the world not to buy raw materials and energy resources from Russia, but to buy them in the United States, not to buy Russian products as part of military-technical cooperation, but to buy more expensive American goods. And this unfair competition has already become the talk of the town,” said the Russian Foreign Minister.

“The manner of the United States dictating everything and everything to everybody will not bring good, Lavrov said.” According to him, Russia has already warned American colleagues that, in a very short historical period (one and a half to three years), they will receive some profits, but in a strategic, long-term plan, they undermine confidence in the very international system that is based on on the dollar. “This will not end well for them,” he concluded.

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