“US and its vassals should stop serving us fairy tales.” — Lafontaine

"It is not Putin forbade the Germans to trade with other nations, but Trump."


Oskar Lafontaine vehemently defends Nord Stream 2 on Facebook and spells it out. The US is trying to drive a wedge between Germany and Russia. The US and its vassals should stop “serving us their fairy tales.”

Oskar Lafontaine, leader of the Left in the Saarland Parliament and former SPD chairman, has vehemently defended the controversial gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 and the purchase of Russian natural gas by Germany in a Facebook post.
Lafontaine cites US security adviser and Stratfor founder George Friedman as saying: It is a trivial realization that the United States would have a problem if German technology and Russian commodities came together. (…) The main goal of [the US is] for over a century is to prevent a German-Russian alliance. Of course, the US wants to drive a wedge between Germany and Russia.Therefore, US President Donald Trump now wants to prevent the purchase of environmentally friendly gas and instead sell Germany his “polluting fracking gas.”
Therefore, there is a “lying campaign” of Das Bild and other “quality media” and relevant well-known “Atlanticists” among the CDU and the Greens.

LaFontaine reduces their claim that we have to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin gaining too much influence in Germany to an absurdity with a series of antitheses:

It is not Putin who forces the Germans to spend more money on the military, but Trump.

It is not Putin forbade the Germans to trade with other nations, but Trump.

It is not Putin telling the Germans what gas they should use, but Trump.

It is not Putin’s ambassadors writing threatening letters to German companies, but Trumps.

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In fact, the US ambassadors in the world behaved like the governors of ancient Rome.

Finally, Lafontaine cites the ZDF political barometer, according to which significantly more Germans are worried about Trump’s policies than because of Putin and almost two-thirds of those polled consider the US president to be a greater threat to world peace than the Russian.
If Putin were to start making regulations for Germans, they might still be considering buying “Trump’s dirty and expensive fracking gas.”

But until then, the US and its vassals should stop serving us their fairy tales.

Published on: Mar 6, 2019 @ 22:27


German RT

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