US Soldiers at Lugansk Front seek Ukrainian Passport to enter Russia

One granted, more US soldiers seeking same "souvenir"


Kiev issuing Ukrainian passports to the US military to enter Russia

Official Kiev grants US troops Ukrainian passports for the transfer to Russia. This was reported in the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Lugansk Peoples Republic.

According to the ministry, the hotline of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the LPR received a message from the serviceman of unit A136 that several American servicemen have arrived at the location of the unit.

“The visit of the Americans was more like an inspection, not an introduction tour.”
They went around the entire territory of the unit, and after that they demanded that they be taken to the proving ground, where the foreign military were given the opportunity to shoot from the unit”s rare Maxim gun.

“The source stated that one of the American sergeants by the name of Wood said his ancestors were from Ukraine and that he recently received a Ukrainian passport with the name of his great-grandfather Derevyashko [“Woody-ko,” tr]. According to the source, the foreigner spoke Russian with little or no accent and asked many questions about how you can travel to the Russian Federation with a Ukrainian passport, what documents are needed, in addition to a passport, and how long you can stay there,” the General Prosecutor’s Office said.

In addition, according to the applicant, Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Kushner, in an informal conversation with the US military, found out that in the near future several other groups of foreign military, mostly from former immigrants from Ukraine, would come to the unit for a visit.“

The Americans asked for their colleagues the same “souvenirs”as were presented to Sergeant Wood. Obviously, we are talking about Ukrainian passports, which will be used to transfer foreign agents to the territory of Russia,” said law enforcement officers of the LPR.

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At the moment, employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the LPR are conducting activities aimed at establishing the involvement of Lieutenant Colonel Kushner in war crimes against civilians in the Donbass. “If his involvement is established, he will be summoned to the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Lugansk People’s Republic to testify on the merits in the framework of criminal proceedings previously initiated on grounds of crime, as provided for by Article 440 of the Criminal Code of the LPR “Genocide,” and “The use of prohibited means and methods of warfare,” they stressed in the department.

Recall, on February 26, it was reported that American intelligence officers had arrived at the Ukrainian positions in the Donbass. The delegation also included “defense attache Colonel Kevin Wofford, assistant military attache Lieutenant Colonel Eric Adam, marine attache Colonel Shaimos Quinn, and a representative of the defense attache Lieutenant David Langis.”

Earlier, on December 4, a unit of NATO soldiers arrived in the Donbass. In the area of responsibility of the 72nd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a unit of 28 people arrived in Svetlodarsk settlement, equipped on the NATO model, armed with RPA Rangemaster sniper rifles manufactured in Great Britain.

At the same time on the eve of the Pentagon announced the recruitment of translators with knowledge of “Mova” to help the American mercenaries in Ukraine. We add that on February 26, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in general a bill on the admission of units of the armed forces of other states to the territory of Ukraine in 2019.We will note president of Ukraine Poroshenko, when the bill was introduced, spoke in favor of acceptance.

Published on: Mar 5, 2019 @ 14:26


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