VIDEO – Citizens Attack Guaido’s Car – Usurper is neither Safe or Popular


CARACAS – The U.S appointed president of Venezuela, who does not have any functions or powers of a president, was attacked by citizen passers-by, as he attempted to travel through Caracas, leaving the offices of the National Assembly on March 26th.

The tweet below comes from an Anti-Maduro, Anti-Chavista mainstream news outlet operating freely in Caracas, as all opposition and privately owned news-networks and the politicians they support, generally do.

Their reference to this being a ‘paramilitary group’ is a specious claim, but standard-place histrionics in the region for the ‘starving’ opposition.

What are called a ‘paramilitary group’ appear instead to be pro-sovereigntist activists in the opposite of paramilitary attire, and lacking signs of organization. It is possible that they knew of his route; it is more likely an attack of opportunity, as Guaido was leaving the National Assembly, where he no longer has status as a representative.

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Readers will be able to put the pieces together, to expose the myth of the so-called Maduro dictatorship, where pro-opposition press operates freely and openly, and a man who would have been arrested in any other country for treason, attempted usurpation of power, and making illegal transactions and agreements posing as head of state with foreign and hostile powers, is free to roam around making public speaking engagements; freely entering and leaving a government building where he also no longer has legal standing.


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