VIDEO – Russia’s 5th Gen Su-57 is the Best Fighter in the World, says Putin

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MOSCOW – Mar 20, 2019 @ 10:16 – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 is the best aircraft in the world in terms of tactical and technical indicators. The Russian leader said this at a meeting with the finalists of the “Leaders of Russia” competition on March 19th.

<<Why is the fifth-generation Russian fighter better prepared for future conflicts than American competitors

“Su-57 or“ PAK FA ”, as we call it, is that it is a front-line aviation complex that is very promising. It is the best we have now and indeed the best in the world. This is based on all tactical and technical data on the weapons and its design. So there are no planes that can fly like our plane”>> RIA Novosti quotes Putin .

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation Russian multi-purpose fighter designed to replace the Su-27. The aircraft was created using stealth technology. The jet was first successfully flown in 2010 as a prototype.

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The superficial design similarities to the F-35 have been noted, indicating that despite its numerous design flaws and technical problems, the F-35 bears the mark of a 5th generation design.

But engineers estimate that the Su-57 is far superior to the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, which are capable of carrying out only certain tasks and are therefore limited. The head of the Committee of the Federation Council on Defense and Security, the former head of the Russian Aerospace Force, Viktor Bondarev, highly appreciated the technical, flight and combat characteristics of the device.

It is believed that the first fighter will enter service in the Air Force of Russia in the current year, and the second in 2020.

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