VIDEO – Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Clash with Citizens at Poroshenko Rally


CHERKASSY, Ukraine – According to the latest data, twenty-two policemen were injured on March 9 in the city of Cherkassy in the central part of Ukraine in clashes with activists of the neo-nazi National Corps organization who tried to break through to the place where the president Petro Poroshenko spoke during an election rally .

Among the victims was Valery Lyuty, the head of the police department in the Cherkasy region. The police report indicates that the activists “began to provoke ordinary citizens to a fight, they used pepper spray, physical force, police fires and finally tried to block the motorcade of the first person of the state.” Whether there are victims among activists, there is still no reliable information at the time of publication.

Additionally three law enforcement officers were injured in Kiev near the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, where a protest was also held.

The participants of the actions organized by the National Corps demanded to bring to justice those from the president’s entourage who are suspected of participating in corruption schemes in the defense sector. After investigative journalism Poroshenko dismissed Yuri Gladkovsky , deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

“The fact that today at Poroshenko’s rally in Cherkassy was undertaken by representatives of the National Corps is unacceptable! Righteous anger about a crime of corruption is fair, but can it give rise to other criminal acts? Obviously, no, ”wrote the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov on his Facebook page .

Nationalists demanded that the head of state answer questions about embezzlement in the defense industry of Ukraine. Activists shouted: “Stay on the stage and answer our questions!”, “The President will not run away from us!” After that, Poroshenko literally disappeared, accompanied by guards. Then the protesters tried to block the tuple. They lit flares and started spraying gas.

Meanwhile, Poroshenko’s supporters blamed “pro-Russian revanchists” for organizing the unrest.

In connection with the violence is a criminal case.

On March 31 in Ukraine will be presidential elections.


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