WATCH Russian Su-27 Intercept U.S Reconnaissance Aircraft over Baltic


MOSCOW – The Russian Defense Ministry just published a video of the interception of an RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force by an Su-27 Russian fighter jet, over the Baltic Sea .

The footage shows how the Su-27 moves closer to the American electronic intelligence aircraft and accompanies it. The ministry stressed that the fighter was at a safe distance from the RC-135 and, after the intelligence gathering plane had moved away from the borders of Russia, the Su-27 returned safely to the base.

The incident occurred over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea. Su-27 air defense forces on duty engaged in the interception.

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On February 22nd, it was reported that the an Su-27 intercepted a Swedish military aircraft from the Russian border in the Baltic.

At the end of February, the Ministry of Defense reported 15 incidents of foreign aircraft that were conducting reconnaissance at the borders of Russia over the course of one week alone. Air defense fighters were scrambled  to intercept these potential interlopers three times, and did not allow violations of the Russian border.

The recent incidents mark an uptick in events, over what has already been increasingly busy skies.

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