Welcome to 2019 – You Are a Terrorist if You Believe in Anything

But you have found the key and the answer


By Joaquin Flores  – March 16, 2019 

1.. Welcome to the next chapter of the nightmare, which the powers that be want to make your life. Welcome to 2019, where you are a potential terrorist if you believe in anything.

2. Make no mistake, you will be prosecuted – we are past the time of innocent until proven guilty. You are guilty by association, worse still, guilty of having beliefs. You once visited a website – guilty. You once liked a tweet or facebook post from someone who was proven to know someone, who talked to a person that was later convicted for showing support for another person, who years on was proven guilty for something that only then became a thought-crime. You too, are now guilty.

3. They want you to make a choice. To let go of beliefs – beliefs you hold – the essence of the human experience, or be erased from virtual spaces at least.

4. You want to learn, your beliefs have changed over the years, and if you continue to grow, your beliefs will continue to change. But what is consistent for you is that you believe, and this is meaning, the meaning of being a human.

5. You see clearly now they will do more than just erase you from virtual spaces – no there’s more; real spaces – your bank account, your job, all these ‘things’, your passport. Or you can let go of your humanity.

6. That is the choice they want you to make, but that is not the choice you have to make.

7. You realize now and how you will be held accountable for crimes, real or imagined, committed allegedly by people who, in fact you never even knew about, or people who had to know in order to talk to in their language, in order to help them.

8. But think about this. What they threaten is to kick you out of their system. They in fact threaten to liberate you from the very prison they have created. They want you to react and scream ‘let me back in!’ You always do this, it’s only natural. The Maya is too often all too real. But perhaps this state of nature is quite unnatural.

9. Maybe, you think, the Amish were onto something – but home is gone, home is a place far away, a place in the imagination, the illusion of a simpler time. We even imagine a cacophony of our multitudinous and diverse ancestral pasts, singing their songs, dancing their dances. But was there ever a simpler time?

10. But then you realize that no retreat, no walls, no fortresses and no communities can defend from the techno-industrial juggernaut. That is, after all, why each indigenous civilization after the next eventually had to race to keep up with the growth of the techno-industrial leviathan. By resisting it, they had to partake in it. They had to become it, to keep it from becoming them. It is a cycle with no exit.

11. Then you think, no, we must go forward to the future – there is no going back, there is no home.

12. So you look to the future, for the future is unwritten. You dream of victory parades to be, of better times to come, of another world that is possible where the machine and the state work for you – mankind – not mankind as a slave to his own creation. A future perfect, and further, you can imagine a humanity without states at all. But the future they want you to write appears to be their future, the unlimited growth of the techno-industrial nothingness.

13. You know who you are, at least so you think. But you’re getting to know who you really are, more and more, closer and closer, with each passing day. It seems all too real that they are keeping you from knowing who you are.

14. But you are who is so powerful that all their efforts around the clock, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, are aimed at precisely holding you back from who you really are.

15. Consider the tremendous efforts underway to keep the veil over your eyes. To keep you from becoming who you will become and must become.

16. In fact their entire social construction requires tremendous energy and resources, indeed nearly all the concentrated, organized, artificial, mechanized resources they can muster. And it is all in place to keep you blind. Still, you can see partly through it.

17. All of the resources and organized agencies at the disposal of the nothingness, to keep you blind, and yet it does not fully work. The significance of this fact alone plants a seed.

18. You’re upset that right now you don’t have better and fuller answers. And still you begin to realize what this logically all means. It means that you, you yourself, you –  who you really are – are more powerful than everything that can be organized and mechanized and set against you in this entire material realm.

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19. But you have learned a secret: There is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. There is only here and now, the perennial present, eternal in its reality and beautiful in its simplicity. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. You have no power in the past, and no power in the future. All the power and agency you will have and have ever had is in the here and now, in the present.

20. You are a force of such potency, and you are coming to realize that the only thing that separates you from all your dreams is the realization that these are you, and you are these.

21. You see now that you are in this world but not of this world. Your mind is opened, and now cannot be closed. You are the dreamer, you are who creates.

22. Now you understand that you must don the disguise of the political soldier, but in truth and in fact you are the spiritual warrior. Your fight is not against any ‘them’, there is no other, there are in the final analysis, no powers that be greater than the infinite of which you are an infinitesimal spark, which in itself is infinite. Your fight is against yourself. All the powerful phantoms set against you are mere projections. These are times very difficult to survive for anyone looking to the past or to the future.

23. Because in the past and in the future is where it appears these illusory powers that be, do not have any power. But that is precisely where they have all their power, for their power does not really exist, and the past and the future does not exist. They can construct and misapprehend, with all their machines, a phantom past, a phantom future. They will always win by accusing you of wanting anything from a past or a future, here they can use all their false power, their machines, to convince themselves and your mirror-selves – other people – that you are deplorable and irredeemable for believing in anything past or future.

24. You are, to the nothingness, a criminal if you are of any creed, of any faith, of any people, of any conviction, of an identity of any construction. Along this course, identities will only multiply, and the illusion of divisions can only grow. You are a criminal by any and all labels which eventually must be criminalized, because they are beliefs, they are inscriptions of your soul, proof of life. These are all simply worldly permutations of You. They are evidence of you, but they are not you. They are shadows. And the shadow will appear such way depending on the direction the light is coming from. There is a false, controlled-paradigm fight today between your mirror-selves still embedded in these identity traps, and in these past and future traps. You are a criminal for being in these fights, and yet the nothingness grows from these fights, for while these identities are permutations of beliefs, beliefs inscriptions of your soul, they are not you, for you are soul. And when these beliefs come into conflict, they erode the belief, they do not breed confidence in the belief, and the nothingness grows. But when you held your enemy tight in your arms to squeeze out the air, you saw that himself was yourself. And you saw that he was not motivated by anything more or less than you.

25. You are awakened now and cannot forget what you have learned, that all of these are you, and you are all of these. They do not exist independently from you. Their reality is cognicized only in your mind, the mind being the self-realized discourse of yourself. And therefore you are astonished by your conclusion that by knowing these, they exist inside of you. You are all of these, and none of these, for you transcend these worldly permutations of your mirror-selves.

26. The past and the future in your mind, the one that you create, is a beautiful place. Because you are beautiful. But not because they are real pasts or futures. And so now you see that they are beautiful because you created them in your mind. They are not the pasts which really have come to pass, and they are not the futures which yet you can with certainty foretell.

27. All the things you can do and that you must do are here and now. What comes tomorrow is the final stage which only comes after the successful unity of yourself with yourselves.

28. Today your fight is to resist seeing the problem in any other. You are not a victim, and from this you realize your power to both harm and to help. Your mission is to learn and teach, teach and learn, and only from there can the real fight be waged.

29. You are the awakened dreamer, the political soldier, the spiritual warrior who understands the world of illusion you are in, to learn these lessons, to find yourself in yourself, in others, in your dream which becomes your reality.

30. The nothingness  isn’t there, it is only again a manifestation of your unrealized self, your unrealized selves. Continue to defy the nothingness, continue to believe, wear the clothes of the constructed identities so you can teach and learn from those who believe in these identities, for there are still lessons to be learned everywhere.

31. You are a child, and yourselves are children, so do not frighten children and therefore make every effort to appear and manifest yourself as yourselves expect you to manifest, do not let yourselves become unable to hear you just because you cannot speak this language or that language, or are unable to appear how those closest to you expect you to appear. You find yourself awestruck by the realization that now you must be delightful to those around you, you want so much now to make the Maya an enjoyable one for yourselves around you, in sight, smell, in speech, and with your care and your attention.

32. For in the end these were all inessential – so you recognize that instead of vainly trying to prove their inessentiality through disregard – you discover that you must prove that yourself transcends these inessentials by playing, as children and with children, that these were essential.

33. There is no nightmare, and there is no nothingness, only yourself realized and your unrealized self. There is no they, no them, no yesterday, and no tomorrow. There is no enemy. There is you, the dreamer and the creator, the infinite and infinitesimal piece of the infinite at once, persisting as a spark in the eternal present. Every action you make has the most powerful effect, and creates each now, now and now, for it is you, the realized you, dreamer and creator. All fears which lead to hates dissipate upon the realization of yourself. You, simple child before the eminence of creation, the universe of form and matter,  all within the universe in your eye, you – child and creator – born of wisdom and easily forgetting yourself until you remember – entirely submitted to the eternity which is your inescapable youthfulness, in curiosity, playing hide and go seek with yourself. You know that you as an infinite piece of the infinite being must submit yourself and yourselves to the infinite being which you are both a part of, and must find. You are loved, and that is all you need to love yourselves.


Published on: Mar 16, 2019 @ 15:43



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