Why Do non-Americans Care About who Gets Elected in U.S Elections?

By George Ades


By George Ades – Why do I bother with who gets elected in US elections? Why do any of us who have no right to vote in that country bother?

That’s a question I’m frequently asked by some Americans who see my posts as “meddling” in their domestic affairs.

The answer is simple. Who you (Americans) vote for, affects me, it affects us, all of us irrespective of where we live. There may be little chance that you, as Americans, will have Bombs dropped on your heads from American planes, but that has been standard practice for the rest of us for at least the last 7 decades…. .

….and its not just your planes, ships, tanks and missiles. It’s your sanctions and embargoes that can starve us to death or expose us to the appetites of your minions whom you shield against legal repercussions on an International level. Your representatives can and often make use of the political and economic powers that the overgrown child known as the USA affords them.

Why do you think US Embassies are the biggest in every country and built like fortresses? Even in countries where there’s no significant American ex-pat community. What do you imagine takes place in those fortresses. Why so much security surrounding your diplomatic missions? I can assure you, it is not because we “envy you your freedoms” and wish to harm you out of spite.

It pains me to see that so few Americans are actually aware of what their country does to the world. It’s frustrating to realize that those that have the power of life and death over us all, have the maturity and arrogance of spoiled 8 year-olds.

It’s disappointing to read from otherwise decent Americans that “we will win this time” and know that the “we” does not refer to “we the people” but to “our chosen team” . A team that will play its own game and, win or lose, neither the American public nor the world at large will benefit from the outcome; quite the opposite in fact. It’s disheartening to hear them echo what those in power drum into their heads through the carefully controlled MSM.

” Trump is a joke and an embarrassment.” I won’t argue with that but, what did “your side/team” offer the world as an alternative? Did you give yourselves and the rest of us a better choice? I can laugh with a joke, but nothing Hillary Clinton did would even bring a smile to my face; except maybe lose elections.

Those of us who don’t live in the US couldn’t care less whether you’re free to parade with plastic vaginas on your heads. You want to keep killing each other with guns that your Constitution permits you to possess? That’s OK by us too. We are more concerned about you killing us who have done nothing to you. Some of us live in countries the names of which the average under-educated American cannot pronounce properly and very few can even find on a map.

LEAVE US ALONE, and we will restrict our interest in your politics to that of idle curiosity. BUILD YOUR WALL and build it high, build it long. Not to keep us out, so much, as to keep your homicidal insanity in.
Until then, your politics is my politics, your chosen “leaders” are my tyrants and your vote is my vote, so I’ll try to influence you as much as I can.” —

The West’s obsession with Russia has nothing to do with any contrasting ideologies between east and west. It is no longer about Communism or even Socialism, two words that some ignorant folk throw around without fully understanding the meaning of either.

Today’s Russia cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered “Communist” and it is no more a “Socialist” country than say Canada or Australia to name but two examples of US allies that would never attract such a “criticism”.

The west’s beef with Russia is that it stands as an obstacle to their plans for the world. Call it “New World Order” if you like, but global hegemony by fair means or foul is the end that justifies any means.

The western “elite” understand what it is all about and they also know what they have to do to achieve it. They are not the ones that are stupid, but stupid does exist in large numbers and it manifests itself in the arguments of the stupid of the west who still buy into the “contrasting ideologies” theory put out there especially for their benefit and brainwashing.

Russia is no less a capitalist country than the US, albeit with a much softer, socialist side similar to that of many western countries.

The west, and by “west” I am referring to the US, as the rest are just followers either too timid to stand up to Washington’s bullying or hangers on who are looking for the crumbs from Washington’s table, want to eliminate Russia from the equation, one way or another. There’s just one problem with that. That ship has sailed and it sailed very, very quickly before the “west” had the chance to prevent it. In the relatively short period of some 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union when Russia had reached the nadir of its natural strength (military, economic and political), Russia has recovered in all three of the above. That recovery is largely owed to the dynamic current leadership of that country, that pulled it by the hair out of the obscurity and poverty it had been allowed to sink into.

The “game” is still in progress but it’s a game that resembles chess more than poker or tiddly winks and the Russians are renowned masters in that; plus they have most of their pieces available to them, at least enough to win this match.

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