Why is Trump Facing a Massive Backlash from Militant Zionists Over Golan Heights Declaration?

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The internet is a fascinating place in part because of the opportunities it allows people to pick up all sorts of varying perspectives. While this may seem more than obvious, even cliched at this point, it’s important to realize that most people are creatures of habit, and stay within a particular corner of the internet – a set series of sites, a set number of people on twitter they follow, a set number of YouTube channels they check in on. And then of course there are the forced suggestions that social-media forces down content consumers’ throats.

One of the most dangerous things for the establishment is a free thinking people, and ‘internetting’ patterns that defy the above mentioned set patterns and habits. One of the things that FRN has striven to deliver is a fair amount of cross-pollination of various ideas and worldviews. For whatever reason, the establishment ‘right’ believes that’s somehow communism, and the establishment ‘left’ believes that’s fascism.

The whole array of opinions on ‘Trump’ on the question of Israel and Palestine is truly fascinating and reveals a lot about these walled gardens that we co-create with the establishment for ourselves. One thing that may be striking to many, is that when we dig outside of the proscribed corners of the internet, is that hard-core Zionists and Christian Zionists are not exactly happy with Trump.

Why is this the case? How can that be?

This is what we will be looking at today.

It should be noted that at the same time, the hardcore Jewish and Christian Zionists realize that the mass of run-of-the-mill, born-again Christian Zionists and standard Jewish – especially diaspora Zionists – are pleased with his moves on Jerusalem and more significantly to this essay, on Syria’s Golan Heights. Trump, as anyone with an interest in this piece already knows, recently announced that he recognized Syria’s Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967, as Israeli.

But there is also a Pro-Trump anti-Israel corner of the internet, and they begin their analysis of Israel upon the premise (actually, their conclusion from prior moves, etc.), that the generally pro-Zionist establishment is gunning for Trump. When we ask ourselves why this is, and look at this question from the various perspectives that these increasingly intersecting and cross-pollinating areas of the internet reveal, we can land upon some surprising answers.

In the case of the Golan Heights, Israel has been illegally considering it theirs for over half a century, and the first thing we must consider is that Trump’s opinion, signing documents, is worth about as much as the paper its written on. Just as Israel can’t declare the Golan Heights theirs, neither can Trump. So there’s tremendous political capital that Trump gains from this, and may have helped him in fact come out of the Mueller investigation in tact, all without being forced again to bomb Syria or, say, plan a ground invasion of Venezuela.

It’s pertinent to remember that there have been at least three times that magically congressional Republicans and Democrats agreed that impeachment proceedings against Trump ought to begin right as the Military Industrial Complex owned MSM began to insist that military action was necessary on Syria, and the same MSM also seemingly without provocation then promoted impeachment hype as if it were perfectly rational, as if Trump had done something that was, you know, ‘impeachable’.

Suddenly then right after, Trump did something he previously said he wouldn’t do regarding Syria or Russia (Poland, Ukraine,- NATO – etc.), guess what? The impeachment hype disappeared as if it had never been raised.

While bombs and guns kill people, there was something oddly … fruitless about Trump’s moves on Syria. That refers to his direct orders. Most of what the U.S does in Syria is either beyond Trump’s ability to triangulate, doesn’t require direct presidential orders, or is beyond civilian oversight all together – reality of the deep state.

But what didn’t scramble a single bomber, or place a single boot on the ground, and moreover had no bearing on Syria’s legitimate UN-resolved claims on international law, is Trump’s ‘declaration’ on the Golan Heights in favor of Israel. So there’s a whole vector of the internet that views Trump’s moves on Israel, regarding the Golan Heights, the same way that many others regarded his moves on Syria.

The basic idea is that Trump had some ‘Trump cards’ to play, spring-boarding something that appeared ordinary or even weak, above its rank all together, into a winning move. The Golan Heights move, accordingly, was a Trump card played by Trump – and fits the Briar-patch phenomenon we’ve seen with him too. He plays like he’s been out-maneuvered and then forced to make some move against his interest, or that he didn’t want to have to make until later, when in fact it’s precisely what and when he wanted it.

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That Trump’s intelligence and agility is so severely underestimated by the liberal intelligentsia fits of course into the liberal criticism of elected politicians, i.e. ‘they’re dumb’. This level of arrogance of course fits into the entire historical world-view and narrative of liberalism and its origins, when naive empiricism in the natural sciences was ported over into the analysis of history and political science, and power analysis – and later against the Realism of classical political sciences or the revival of Realism on the left by the actual Marxists … but I digress.

According to the ‘Trump’s playing Israel‘ corner of the internet, the Golan Heights declaration puts Netanyahu at a distinct disadvantage. While Netanyahu will attempt to play this to his constituency as a win, in his gambit to hold onto power, amid a domestic environment where he faces corruption charges, the whole thing can blow-back in his face quite badly. Especially given how those Zionists to Netanyahu’s right on the critical issue at-hand are up in arms over Trump’s moves. What?  Yeah, fancy that, they exist and ‘bigly’ –  Moledet, Takuma, Shas, Agudat Yisrael, HaYamin HeHadash, etc.) – and on the issue of ‘dividing Israel’ by recognizing Golan (huh, what? yeah, read on …) they are against Netanyahu and see Trump as being duplicitous.

In fact, so the theory goes, what we’ve seen of Netanyahu since Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office has been Netanyahu’s desperation, attempting to reassure his electorate and beyond that ‘he’s got this’.

Indeed, Israelis to the right of Netanyahu have been up in arms over the Golan declaration and quite vocally so since it was first proposed. They believe that it is not in their interest in fact to have an outside entity such as the United States brokering the deal, since Israel has big dreams of moving farther beyond the Golan, in fact up to the Euphrates is the end goal. When Clinton wanted to look like some big-man of peace, and we saw the ‘Clinton Parameters (Mitveh Clinton) in the aftermath of the failure of the Camp David Agreement, the Israeli right was also then double-plus outraged that an outside entity was trying to broker Israel’s long-term aims. Ehud Barak’s tenure as Prime Minister would be an exceedingly short three years (99-01) as a consequence. 

So, as the theory goes, Trump’s moves are aimed at hemming in yet another one or two of Israel’s three outstanding unrecognized status on borders. That’s right, of five potential (at present) borders, only two are recognized internationally. This is believed to be such, so that Israel can expand in these three directions. The Golan Heights is certainly illegally occupied by Israel, but this wasn’t supposed to be a buffer zone (as is commonly claimed by folks who often know better), but as a launchpad for further acquisition north and east.

It is therefore believed that when Trump defines Israel’s borders, it will shatter the greater Israel project. There’s a certain logic to this. One of the greatest fears of the Zionists, so it goes, is that Palestine will be given borders and even (therefore) statehood. As the political climate is such that Trump cannot be seen by AIPAC as anti-zionist; AIPAC, with its unusual control over the Congress and Senate – the folks who keep pulling the ‘impeachment’ stunt that magically appears and disappears throughout Trump’s presidency, and more so than in the history of any president in living memory.  

The ‘Trump is a crypto-anti-Zionist’ corner of the internet believe that they understand that Americans simply can’t oppose Zionism intelligently in any meaningful way. This leaves Trump to play his cards in a certain order, call a few bluffs, and bluff a bit himself (quite a bit indeed) along the way. 

There’s another interesting point to recall here – AIPAC and the entire Zionist establishment vehemently opposed Trump, and resisted his nomination within the Republican Party, and then pushed pro-Zionist Democrats and Republicans into some hoaxed constitutional crisis, and Clinton wanted the CIA to brief the Electoral College and get them to vote the other way than the voters by state demanded the ought to. People will remember that campaign who are paying attention, it was announced on TV, it was a whole spectacle. That’s probably down the memory hole for a lot of people, but it’s important not to forget this.

Is there anything that can confirm the view of this corner of the internet? Well, hear it from the hardcore Christian Zionists themselves, in the below.

Just food for thought, folks. I can’t vouch for this, but that’s what a whole corner of the internet is thinking about this.



Mar 30, 2019 @ 20:49

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