Assange’s Arrest EXPOSES Ecuador’s JUDAS Moreno as REPUGNANT TURNCOAT

By Patrice Greanville


We are cross-posting the below powerful message from the Greanville Post, by our friend Patrice Greanville. Now more than ever, dissident journalism must stand shoulder-to-shoulder in total solidarity, to help get our message across: A Multipolar World has Risen, and the Empire is on the Run. The Arrest of Assange is a critical sign of Imperial weakness, exemplary in its clarity, and profound in its consequences. It is a strong signal that the Empire is in its weakest condition ever, as it seeks to lash out in its descent into the abyss, taking as much and as many out with it as it disintegrates.

Let me take this moment of apparent darkness to wholeheartedly thank you readers and supporters of Fort Russ News, for it is you that have made all the difference in the world. You are bringers of light. We can’t do this without you, and we can only do this with you. Thank you for all the different ways you help, from your retweeting our articles, to both regular and one-time contributions to help us cover our time and expenses, sharing our articles on social media platforms, and proudly wearing our T-shirt in your daily ventures. – J. Flores



By Patrice Greanville – The criminals are the leaders of the Western world, starting with the global plutocracy’s agents in Washington and London, running the Anglo-zionist empire.

The cowards—a key element in this tragedy— are the tens of thousands of prominent journos and pundits staffing the West’s so-called “free press”, who knowingly act as the empire’s propaganda ministry and p.r. agents, and who have simply betrayed Assange and the duty of the press to protect journalists who expose the crimes of their governments. Career and their comfortable asses come first, of course.

The crooks are the empire’s collaborators in every nation, in this case Ecuador and Australia. The former first gave Assange citizenship and refuge from the empire only to renege on its duty to protect the crusading journalist after Lenin (sic, Judas) Moreno, a repugnant turncoat, won the presidency of Ecuador, and promptly disgraced that nation’s tradition of valorous resistance to the empire by plotting with Trump’s minions to concoct a pretext to deliver Assange to the Empire.

For its part, the ruling mafia of Australia, a member of the Anglo-zionist imperial network, has not only totally failed to lift a finger to protect one of its own citizens against transparent trump charges, quite possibly a betrayal of their own nation’s laws, but actively conspired to effect his elimination. All of these facts underscore an ugly truth we have often pointed out in these pages, that class interests—in this case the interests of the global plutocracy, of capitalist overlords—take precedence over any notion of sovereignty, let alone genuine democracy, or the rule of law, which the plutocracy is by definition compelled to obliterate.

-Greanville Post Editor, Patrice Greanville

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