Assange’s Arrest Will Massively Backfire – Further Expose ‘Democratic West’ as Harbingers of Global Police-State

By Don DeBar


By Don DeBar – The arrest of Wikileak’s Julian Assange will, in the long term, do more to expose the real nature of the so-called democratic West than 100 document dumps could ever do.

It has exposed the following:

Freedom of the press is non-existent in the US and EU. Should one publish materials exposing criminal activity by the powerful, that publisher – not the powerful criminal who has been exposed – will be criminally prosecuted.

The idea of an independent judiciary is farcical – the on-again/off-again nature of the charges in the Swedish courts, as well as the Torqmada-esque secret proceedings in the US which are certainly driving them, show that prosecutions can target and be controlled across borders to exact political vengeance.

Elections in the west are a farce, and the US meddles in these in the same way Kasparov ‘meddles’ with a chess board. Lenin Moreno was elected to continue the program of his predecessor – and primary supporter before the election – former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, which included a rejection again by the electorate of neo-liberal economics and an independent course for Ecuador’s foreign policy which included sanctuary for Julian Assange.

Almost immediately after his election, Moreno’s true colors came to the fore, and he began to implement neo-liberal economic austerity at home and behave as a US vassal abroad, which included threats to Julian’s status. Today we saw the extent to which the latter has been pursued, and, not coincidentally, at a time when Moreno’s illegal and corrupt activities are being exposed. He seeks to distract the Ecuadorian people from these facts:

He’s a crook.

He’s a stooge of Washington.

There will be more austerity and pain for the Ecuadorian people if he is allowed to continue.

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