BREAKING: Guaidó traitors launch military coup against Maduro, Venezuela stands strong (VIDEO)

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CARACAS – The opposition Juan Guaidó posted a video on his Twitter account with Leopoldo López, another leader of the opposition, who is serving a prison sentence, in which they are accompanied by uniformed personnel, and calls the soldiers to the streets.

Although the video was recorded in a very closed shot, we can see a group of about 30 presumed soldiers and two tanks behind them.

The images were recorded at the height of the Francisco Miranda Military Base, also known as La Carlota, in eastern Caracas.

Venezuela is immersed in a conflict that led to an escalation of the political crisis after the opposition Juan Guaidó was proclaimed interim president of Venezuela. Their calls to the population to take to the streets against the legitimate Government did not have the expected support of the citizens.

The president of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, told the VTV state channel the last call of the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó to the Venezuelan military to reveal themselves against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

The opposition leader posted a video calling on soldiers to take to the streets. The images were allegedly recorded at the height of the Francisco Miranda Military Base, also known as La Carlota, in eastern Caracas. According to Cabello, the military base has not been touched and is under the control of the legitimate government, “they are in the street giving a sad spectacle”.

“They took a part of the troop deceived, they told them they were going for an activity and then they got involved in this, a group of sergeants from the National Guard and the Sebin (Bolivarian Intelligence Service) have already left La Carlota.”

He also confirmed that “there is a group of the Sebin (Bolivarian National Intelligence Service) that is participating in this coup attempt and they were the ones who freed Leopoldo López”, the opposition leader who was under house arrest for his role in the protests Violent 2014

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He also added that “the United States, faced with ineptitude, in the face of not being able to win elections for the Revolution, opts for the coup d’état”.

“Every action will have a strong response … We will be absolutely inflexible, radical in the defense,” the ANC president told the VTV channel.

Cabello stressed that now there is absolute tranquility throughout Venezuela, including the city of Caracas.

“I have spoken with governors, with heads of ZODI (Integral Defense Zone), with heads of the regions and the whole country is absolutely calm,” he said.

Likewise, the president of the Constituent Assembly called on the Venezuelan people to gather in the Miraflores palace, the seat of the Government.

“Let the whole town come to Miraflores because they say they are coming here.”

He concluded with the phrase: “Guaidó is making them easier than we expected.”

Venezuela’s chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, blamed Colombia for the attempted coup.

“Once again it is evident what we have always denounced: all the conspiracies against Venezuelan democracy, including this coup attempt, are supported and financed by the Colombian government,” he wrote on his Twitter.

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