Call for Immediate Release of Native American medicine-man, arrested by puppet Moreno


“Freedom for Nicholas!”

Nicolás, a Colombian-Canadian citizen and a healer educated in the traditions of traditional Central American and Andean medicine, is in prison.

Under the command of the U.S satrap Lenin Moreno, he was detained at Quito airport on Friday, April 5, when he was carrying a cactus known as San Pedro. The San Pedro whose scientific name is Echinopsis pachanoi, is an entheogen used by Native American peoples more than five thousand years ago.

There are many academic investigations and indexed publications on the medicinal use of San Pedro (plant also known as Wachuma). It is used in traditional medicine in ceremonies that are conducted by healers and also in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, joints, chemical dependence, heart problems and hypertension.

Nicolás is a member of the Teokali Quetzalcoatl Native American Church, based in the USA, and therefore has license and right to transport ancestral medicine. He is a medicine man who was transporting San Pedro dehydrated, because he was invited to perform ceremonies of healing in a spiritual encounter called Search of the Vision, where ritual fasting and ceremonial retreat are practiced.

Healers share and transport these medicines because this practice is not illegal. It is not acceptable for them to be detained and accused of drug trafficking for transporting the main plant of many sacred altars.

We consider that the Ecuadorian state is mistaken in arresting a man of indigenous tradition, accusing him of delinquent and executing the only case in the world of detention by transport of San Pedro.

The imprisonment of Nicholas is a violation of rights and also an affront to the culture and heritage of several native peoples.

For the immediate release of Nicholas!
For the Right of Ancestral Peoples!

Freedom, Justice, Revolution!

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