Crimea reveals what they expect from Zelensky

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CRIMEA – The new Ukrainian authorities should politically recognize Crimea as an integral part of Russia, the vice president of the Crimean Parliament Yefim Fiks told Sputnik.

“We invite the elected president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, to visit Crimea to see what has happened and is happening here, and we hope that Ukraine will politically recognize Crimea as part of Russia because it is legally part of Russia from long ago,” said the parliamentarian.

The new Ukrainian leaders, he stressed, must officially recognize that Crimea has returned to Russia, its historic homeland.

“We do not need anything else, everything else will be fixed,” Fiks said.

He assured that sooner or later in Ukraine will govern pragmatic people who will recognize the brotherly ties that unite the peoples of Russia and Ukraine.

“They will recognize that the two countries need to develop relationships as between brothers, as in a normal family,” said the vice president of the Crimean Parliament.

According to the data published by the Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine, Zelensky won the second round of the elections in Ukraine, held on April 21, with 73.22% of the votes, while the current president of the country, Petro Poroshenko, got just 24.45% of the support.

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Crimea separated from Ukraine and rejoined Russia after holding a referendum in March 2014 in which the overwhelming majority of voters – over 96% – endorsed that option.

Kiev considers that Crimea is “provisionally occupied” Ukrainian territory.

The Russian Government has repeatedly stated that the inhabitants of Crimea, democratically and in full compliance with international law and the Charter of the United Nations, voted in favor of reunification with Russia.

For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Crimean issue “is definitely closed”.

For many, even within the country, the elected president remains a mystery because it is still unclear where he will lead the state and whether he will be able to fulfill his electoral promises.

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