Dugin: VIDEO – The Fourth Position is Against Fascism – Liberalism is Racist


The Center for Syncretic studies presents a short of Russian philosopher and geopolitical analyst, Alexander Dugin, explaining how his Fourth Political Theory is fundamentally opposed to fascism and neo-fascism, as well as all ideologies of modernity. These are, as they always have been, his ideas and not necessarily our own.

The question is posed: Is there an absolute difference between Fascism, Neo-Fascism and the Fourth Political Theory?

Dugin answers – “Absolute difference”

According to Dr. Dugin, The Fourth Political Theory is  an invitation, not a dogma. It is still by and large, unwritten. But among its foundational ideas  are anti-racism and a rejection of Fascism, and neo Fascism.

Liberalism, Capitalism, and Modernity are based  upon a Eurocentric, Technocentric, and Western conception of  progress and universalism. The Fourth Political Theory  rejects these ethno-national  and chrono-linear hierarchies.

It proposes a positive vision in its place, of a multipolar world where the world’s peoples have all forms of space to self-determine their destinies.

Western Liberal universalism is a type of racism, for Dugin, which developed in middle-late period liberalism, out of the centers of the colonial and imperial European world. It is one which creates  the ideological  justification for imperialism,  war, and chauvinism;

Yet only now rebranded as a ‘humanitarian’ program  of progressivism, neoliberal economics, and legitimacy before the court of the ‘International Community’. It is hegemonically arbitrated through the  medium of Eurocentic  modernity and post-modernity.

It is enforced upon other indigenous peoples and civilizations on this  precious planet, mostly through economic, cultural, and military violence.

Still, another world is possible.

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Dugin explains how it is that Fascism is an ideology of modernity and suffers from similar defects as the other two ideologies of modernity. He goes on to explain that the 4PT is an open project and not dogmatic.

CSS has counterpoised his words to a collage of various 1st Peoples of the Americas: song, dance, and a few words of wisdom. There is a defamatory campaign against our work and the individuals, as people, of our present and former team, being led by inauthentic people posing as ‘radicals’, as well as the mainstream press, and the security-intelligence establishment.

They are organized by the NSA, CIA, and use a number of instruments such as the Atlantic Council (NATO), Columbia University, Vice Magazine, Counter Punch, the Washington Post, a number of misled or careerist oriented ‘progressive university professors’, and private security firms staffed by individuals connected to the CIA and NSA and the U.S Senate Intelligence Committee, such as the New Knowledge group.

We have been under constant attack, but our response has been honorable and valiant. We refuse to be anyone’s victims, and carry forward our fight with the spirit of nothing other than the seeker and the warrior.

It is our hope that, while Dugin is not the only philosopher who is of interest to our study, and there will be areas of healthy and constructive debate and even disagreement, that the intentional misconstruing of his views can be seen for what it is: the work of inauthentic or misled people on the one hand, and agencies of the U.S’ security and intelligence community on the other.

Center for Syncretic Studies’ Conclusions:

Dr. Dugin’s ideas represent  some of the dynamic new methods of looking at questions of
modernity, post-modernity – and get to the heart of what it means to be human beings existing in this time and place.

Our understanding is that his ideas are only one set among many, that need to be  honestly examined and understood.  The world today is still alive, and retains much of the vibrant beauty and living history  of the world’s many peoples

The society of abandonment haunts all people, and the great nothingness grows stronger and nearer.  And yet still around the world we see signs of resilience. This in itself gives cause for hope, and should encourage others to break free.

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