Dutch intelligence accuses China and Russia of digital espionage


AMSTERDAM  – The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) has placed Russia, China and Iran on the list of states targeting the Netherlands through digital espionage, local media reported.

The NL Times reported on Tuesday, citing the AIVD report, that these countries are trying to receive politically sensitive information in the Netherlands, such as data related to the investigation of MH17 or NATO activities, as well as receiving information from Dutch companies.

The AIVD notes that Dutch companies are not fully prepared to protect the information and that “represents a risk to the economic security of our country,” the press said.

The intelligence service also urged Dutch companies to avoid using hardware and software developed by countries in this list, especially when this software is used from the exchange of confidential information.

This comes as The Daily Beast claims Moscow can steal US secrets not only with the help of secret agents, but also with US business men.

According to the report, this was proven after the latest lawsuit against officials of the US company Arc Electronics, who were found guilty of delivering “secret technologies” to Russian military units.

ishenko owner of the company Arc Electronics which produced traffic lights, but in fact, according to the edition exported high-tech production to the Russian army and special services.

In addition, according to the publication, Fishenko employees purchased microchips from US companies used in the creation of radar and surveillance systems. According to the edition, Russia received technologies worth $ 50 million over 10 years.

However the edition recognizes that the US also has a “great experience in stealing technological secrets”. Thus the engineer Adolf Tolkachev, before his arrest, delivered the information on the technical novelties for the CIA.

The Federal Court sentenced Fishenko to 10 years in prison while the women received probation.

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