Evo’s socialism in Bolivia is defeating neoliberalism in Latin America – why?

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Although almost the entire Latin American region is under neoliberal governments and Donald Trump dusted off the Monroe doctrine of America for the Americans, the US fails to fully regain control of Latin America. Russia and China partly explain this reality, but also the changes promoted in the era of progressive governments.

“The Latin American countries have run out of complexes to go to any country in the world without asking anyone’s permission, and that is annoying,” summarized Alfredo Serrano Mancilla, executive director of the Latin American Geopolitical Strategic Center.

One demonstration is that even conservative governments explicitly reject US military intervention to impose presidents.

The Lima Group is an example, since it was created by the United States’ impulse to isolate Venezuela and favor the overthrow of Nicolás Maduro, but nevertheless rejected the armed route as a solution.

In addition, the alliances with emerging powers during the decade of progressive governments broke, apparently definitively, the North American hegemony.

“Part of the crazy reaction that the Trump administration is having is because it has a concern given China’s latest agreements with Latin America, which rapidly increased investments over 10 years,” Serrano explained.

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The executive director of Celag explained that it is not only about commercial links, but also “it is a financial issue, a productive, technological and geopolitical relationship.”

The expert highlighted the Bolivian process. He maintained that they intentionally ignore the good results achieved under the presidency of Evo Morales, because it does not admit that “there is another way of doing economics that is not the traditional neoliberalism.”

“Bolivia shows that it is possible to have a role of the prevailing State in strategic sectors, production of certain goods and services with redistributive policies that also relevant and nationalization of important sectors,” he said.

In this regard, he mentioned that the highland country “grows at the fastest pace in Latin America and not only the Bolivian government and ECLAC says this, but the International Monetary Fund itself applauds it year after year”.

One of the keys that explain these results, according to Serrano, an economist by profession, is that the country has a fully Bolivianized financial system: more than 90% of the deposits are made in the national currency. What Macri does not achieve in Argentina, Bolivia does it with Evo.”

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