EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton Working with Norway to Revitalize NATO as Aggressor Axis, Clinton Foundation Cash Flood

By Hanne Nabintu Herland


By Hanne Nabintu Herland, historian, author and founder of The Herland Report.

The Norwegian NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg is sadly still in office and the very best puppet of the US Liberals, so good at parroting the wishes of the establishment that he recently was awarded an extended term – which is very rare. Most heads of NATO last a maximum 5 years.

Apparently the reason for ‘socialist’ Stoltenberg’s extended term is to block Trump’s man for the position. Trump wants to end the war in Syria, pull back American troops and concentrate on rebuilding the United States: the very opposite is the plan of the Deep State. Is the hand of Hillary Clinton, the Deep State henchman, visible in this play? Indeed it is. Back in March we reported on the nature of her ‘pay for play’ visits.

We are seeing the continuation of the ongoing mutiny against the US president, as stated by senior investigator William F. Marshall at Judicial Watch in a recent Herland Report TV interview: “Russia Gate is an ongoing coup among an elite of top officials in the Obama administration, to undermine the very presidency of Donald Trump. This is the worst crime in American history. We have not seen a political crisis like this since the American Civil War.”

The main problem for us who do not celebrate NATO is that NATO has completely changed character since World War II. In our lifetime NATO has gone from being a transatlantic defense organization that was to defend Europe and its allies if invaded, to becoming an aggressive geopolitical alliance which attacks weaker states wherever the US establishment’ economic interests are threatened. It is the globalist new One World Order NATO that Jens Stoltenberg is heading, and it is nothing to be proud of. He rather confirms the Norwegians’ role as useful European idiots.

Stoltenberg’s well-choreographed speech to Congress – yet another first time for a NATO Secretary General – confirms his role as a puppet. Apparently NATO is the reason Europe is not “overrun by Russians”, the US needs to pay more of the NATO expenses, and writes the National Interest: if one dares to point out NATO’s structural flaws, you must be on Putin’s payroll or hate democracy.

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In the speech to Congress, Stoltenberg managed to portray himself as some sort of Cold War hero, swiftly omitting the references to his own past as an anti-NATO activist. He was formerly outspoken against NATO – a detail quickly removed from his Wikipedia when he became head of NATO. It is remarkable to see how quickly people change if given a high position by the Americans, not to mention excellent salaries. And just to remind everyone, the Russians were our allies in fighting the Nazi Germany in World War II. Around 20 million Russian soldiers were killed  along with 500,000 American soldiers in World War II fighting the Nazis.

Stoltenberg is gifted in changing the narrative whenever it serves him best. Under Obama, he chronically spoke of the need to “escalate NATO along Russian borders”, “the Russian threat”, Russia and ISIS was mentioned in the same sentence as NATO enemies, mimicking the very rhetoric that characterized the tone of the Obama administration. The content of the NATO press conferences changed dramatically the very minute Donald Trump was elected. Stoltenberg completely changed his statements, voicing the very opposite, now flattering Trump whenever he sees him. The change is remarkable to watch.

And Norway has acquired a long line of former politicians now serving in well paid, international high positions. Jens Stoltenberg is just one of them. The billions flowing from tax-payer money and state funds in oil rich Norway into various international US establishment controlled NGOs and organizations, should interest the Americans. This is the age of foreign influence into US politics, funding of politicians and media sell-out, giving Qatar, Saudi and other nations a voice in determining domestic issues in the US. Judicial Watch has repeatedly pointed this out, Saudi, Qatar and Norway were the top three foreign states transferring billions into the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Even President Trump spoke about it. Norway abruptly ended the transfers when Clinton lost the presidential election, which just adds to the feeling of an active “pay for play” trend.

Bear in mind that Norway is a small country of only 5.3 million inhabitants, but as Europe’s Qatar, the country is filthy rich. Hillary Clinton was recently in Norway, being hailed as “sister” by the Stoltenberg socialist Labour Party leaders. Why does she visit Norway now? Has the Clinton Foundation run out of money? Or are we soon to see another Norwegian in high positions, following the smooth talking Jens Stoltenberg trend?

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