FLORES: VIDEO – How Damaging is the Victimhood Complex to Social Justice Movements?

Protestors march in the Woman’s March on Washington D.C. Jan. 21, 2017. The Capital Mall area was the starting point of the march, hundreds of thousands of people attended. (National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Daniel Gagnon, JTF-DC).
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I have a question: How damaging is the victimhood complex to social justice movement? What will it take to be The Political Soldier who wins the promised victory?

What if I told you, that you are not a Victim?


In what will soon be 30 years as a fighter for social justice, I’ve seen my share of things and have picked up some ideas along the way. One of the things I’ve noticed is the rise of Victimhood culture, or what I term the victimological framework. In many ways the left in the first world has always suffered from this, but it’s grown like a cancer in a very big way in several stages, first in the 70’s and then in the 90’s. What we’ve been seeing today is an outgrowth of those two stages.

I have a very small side project on YouTube aimed at addressing this, along with myriad other problems related to this, facing today’s social justice movements. It’s called The Political Soldier. It’s certainly not for everyone, but given that I’m shadow-banned on every social media and multi-media platform, as I’ve been named in investigations done for the Mueller investigation, there’s really no reason now not to try and use the various platforms I manage to get other messages out there.

The most recent issue is Issue #4. I strongly urge that the first three episodes are watched in order for Issue#4 to be understood properly, but Issue #4 is the first one focusing only one a single topic: The Victimological Framework and how it Destroys Social Movements.


One of the reasons I’ve titled it The Political Soldier is precisely because it does not touch at all on politics in the conventional sense, but stands as the foundation, internally, of what The Political Soldier must master in order to develop the proper orientation to the world. This is about how The Political Soldier must see himself in the world, to understand his true mission, and how he must see the world and treat others in this world.

As we move beyond the 20th century framework of ‘left and right’, and understand the battle for what it really is, it will require a renewal of our understanding of, and our commitment to, social justice.

This means we have to relate to things in an authentic way, and that’s what The Political Soldier is aimed at. Authenticity is something that has to be approached and examined. Along the way, the left abandoned the class struggle, and was entirely co-opted by the powers that be, and started to join in on the system’s own culture war of divide and conquer. This resulted in an exploitation of a a victimhood complex which was already a defect in the left.

It then took this existing defect in leftism, and in a very toxic way, remixed it to mute the struggle against capital and the Banker’s oligopoly, and began to further divide the people along lines of race, religion, and gender. In the past, it was the parasitic ruling class itself which exploited various kinds of so-called ‘conservative’ propaganda to divide people along these lines. But after the 1960’s, the Frankfurt School which had relocated to the CIA hub known as Columbia University and its Institute of Social Research, began to use more left-wing concepts to effect the same.

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Thus, gender divisions would be reinforced not through patriarchal and misogynist tropes, but through feministic and misandric tropes. Through this, patriarchy and misogyny would be hallucinated everywhere, causing a predictable polarization and provoking misogynistic sounding reactions from some large segment of men previously without any misogynistic aims or beliefs. The predictable reactions would then be used to reinforce the believe system of a vast patriarchal conspiracy, which rather than uncovered it, in fact produced it.

Racial divisions would be reinforced in culture not through overtly anti-black messaging in media and academia, but through anti-white tropes meant to provoke an obvious reaction among many layers of the white community: meanwhile the prison industrial complex would continue to target black communities, but would alienate the ability of black communities to join with working class white communities, also affected severely by the prison industrial complex, buy creating anti-white tropes, attitudes, talking points, and promoting ‘white-guilt’ frameworks among more academically inclined or lower testosterone level whites.

While homophobia was used in the past to suppress people along sexual lines in various ways, the post-modern method developed by the ISR types, would find a big problem in that most people were no longer homophobic.

In order to continue to use sexuality and sexual orientation to divide people, the sexuality war had to be reconstructed by these ISR types through a two-pronged approach where homophelia, homo-supremacism were promoted, in order to provoke a foreseeable and planned reaction among (no longer homophobic) heteronormative audiences to this homophelia, that would then be branded as homophobia.

The ISR and similar, uses a weaponized form of critical theory, borrowing from ideas found in Liberalism, Fascism, and Marxism, then remixed for the purpose of buttressing the present order.

The above ideas are not at all discussed in The Political Soldier, because I do not need anyone to accept that premise in order to make use of the lessons in that series. We do not mention any political ideologies, nor name the opponents as such.

The result has been a total war against genuine social movements, by infecting them from the inside. In my estimation, it will require a new ‘warrior’s code’, a concrete path for The Political Soldier. It begins with the battle against oneself, from within. Among other things, it’s the only way one can refocus on the struggle against capitalism and imperialism, and not get trolled into the false battles promoted by intersectionalists and intersectionality.

Given the multiple constraints on me, I’ve only produced 4 episodes so far since last October. My aim is to produce these more regularly. With your support, I’ll have a better sign of what’s needed for this series moving forward. The first issue is here:

These are done specifically with an intention of weeding out attention-span deficient people, casual viewers, entertainment-seekers, and is therefore done in a very lackluster and low-tech way. There’s no special effects, hyperactive salesmanship, inauthentic fast talk or charm, nor flashing lights and animations. These are discourses with the sole intention of reaching a very limited audience, who I think among FRN readers there may be some. Thank you.

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