FRN Rebukes Public Calls for ‘Death’ to Ecuador’s Moreno, alleged betrayer of Assange

An international call for calm as Moreno's support falls below 18%


FRN releases the following public statement, in response to the apparently metastasizing public outrage over Moreno’s alleged ‘betrayal’ of Assange, including disturbing images and calls for his ‘execution’ and ‘death’ at the hands of would-be vigilante activists either from within Ecuador or from abroad:

FRN calls for calm, and order, and greatly discourages and hereby rebukes any words or actions which can be construed as hate speech, a call for violence or unlawful levels of unrest, and absolutely opposes any public or private vigilante undertaking that could result in any harm or threat to the life of Ecuador’s duly elected president, Lenin Moreno.

FRN is disturbed by the twitter-storm of millions of tweets, which in good conscience we cannot reproduce, calling for the murder, death, execution, or bodily harm to Lenin Moreno, on the grounds that he betrayed Assange, or under any other pretext.

FRN affirms that any crimes that Moreno may have committed, the details which we will reproduce in the below, should not be the basis for any extra-judicial conviction, especially one that could lead to his murder or bodily harm against his person, and must go through lawful channels which respect the human and legal rights of the potentially accused, Lenin Moreno.

Guillaume Long, former Foreign Minister of Ecuador, is of the following opinion, and these are his words regarding the crimes that Lenin Moreno has just committed. He is also an historian and professor of foreign relations. It appears there is a likelihood that Moreno will be unseated in the next election. This would then remove his immunity from criminal charges without an extra proceeding. At the same time, the Ecuadorian parliament can look at charges sooner.

By Guillaume Long:

The arrest of Julian Assange, dragged by the British police after entering our diplomatic mission to remove it, is a national shame and a historical error that will leave a deep mark on Ecuador for a long time.

Ecuador has just violated the principle of “non-refoulement” (the forcible return of refugees or asylum seekers to a country where they are liable to be subjected to persecution) of the asylee, a fundamental principle of protection of human rights enshrined in international law. Ecuador has just violated opinion 54/2015 of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions of the United Nations.

Ecuador has just violated Opinion OC-25/2019 of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and Resolution MC-54-19 of the IACHR of March 2019, which obliges Ecuador not to deport, return, expel, extradite or remove otherwise “to Assange from our embassy.

This decision will obviously bring a lot of legal tail for the Ecuadorian State. Beyond that, it will be remembered by future generations of Ecuadorians and Ecuadorians as an act of servility, vileness and ethical degradation of political power in our country.







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