How does Russia helps Brazil diagnose and cure dangerous diseases?


MOSCOW – The relations between Brazil and Russia in the nuclear field are mainly through Rosatom, acronym of Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation. This is cooperation not only in the development of nuclear energy, but also in the nuclear medicine sector.

On the margins of the ATOMEXPO 2019 Forum, journalists asked the director of the Isotop Sales Department of the company Isotop, a subsidiary of Russian state-owned company Rosatom, Kristina Tikhomirova, on the use of Russian isotopes in nuclear medicine in Brazil.

Russian-Brazilian cooperation in nuclear medicine began in 2015 when Isotop and the Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) signed a 99-molybdenum supply agreement, the main radioactive isotope used in medicine in cancer detection procedures and cardiovascular diseases. Two years later, in 2017, the two organizations expanded cooperation, closing the five-year agreement that provides for not only 99-molybdenum but also other isotopes including iodine-131, lutetium-177, yttrium-90, cobalt-57 and others.

“For many years we have successfully cooperated with different organizations in Brazil, we have provided medical products including molybdenum and iodine, we have many agreements and we hope to increase cooperation in the future,” Tikhomirova said on the sidelines of the ATOMEXPO 2019 Forum.

In addition to the delivery of isotopes, she talked about cooperation in fundamental physical research.

“Representatives of Brazilian organizations are members of the various international scientific collaborations that conduct research in the field of fundamental physics,” said Tikhomirova, noting that Rosatom also provides isotopes for such studies.

Nowadays, nuclear medicine is one of the most promising medical specialties. The methods used in nuclear medicine are very effective in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, including cancer.

The 11th international ATOMEXPO Forum is being held in Sochi from April 15 to 16 and is being organized by the Russian state-owned company Rosatom. The main theme of the forum is the development of nuclear technologies for a better life. The Forum discussed the prospects for nuclear energy as well as challenges faced by the nuclear sector in several countries.

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