How Would China Benefit from Acquiring the Russian Su-57 ?


BEIJING – Over the next two years, China will consider buying fifth-generation Su-57 Russian fighters. The Military Watch Magazine explains what the strategic benefits that China could derive from this agreement.

As the issue indicates, the China Air Force already has fifth-generation Chengdu J-20 fighters, which have been in service since 2017 and are currently produced in series. The newest Russian fighter has not yet entered series production, but is already testing some sixth generation systems.

It is believed that the J-20 is superior to the Su-57 because of its low visibility. At the same time, Russian hunting was built using technologies lacking the Chinese analogue. These are modern motors with controlled vector thrust, long-range missiles and a system of countermeasures controlled against infrared means, which allows the “blinding” of enemy missiles.

In addition to acquiring new technologies, the purchase of Su-57 could bring strategic benefits to China. If China makes this request, it is likely to accelerate the production program of Russian fifth generation aircraft, and reduce its cost (due to mass production), Military Watch Magazine writes. The acquisition of the Su-57 by China would also make it more attractive to other potential customers, such as India.

The increase in the number of orders would not only increase investment in research and development in the aviation sector, but would also further stimulate Su-57’s production program.

This could lead to the massive deployment of Russian fifth generation fighters by the mid-2020s, which would force Western countries to move some of their brand new aircraft from the Pacific region to Europe, which is in China’s interest.

In the publication it is said that, given Russia’s willingness to export Su-57, the acceleration of the production program would also make it possible to arm other countries with fifth-generation aircraft. It is believed that the Russian aircraft is superior to its western counterparts, so its acquisition by third countries would create additional problems for China’s competitors.

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