Iraq receives 250 POWERFUL Russian T-90S tanks, now a very potent land-force


BAGHDAD – Iraq has received a new batch of Russian T-90S tanks. This is the fourth shipment of these modern armored vehicles, reports Iraqi News. Based on the unit price and the value of the deal, FRN estimates that Iraq has received some 250 T-90 tanks, significantly rebuilding its arsenal to pre-war levels, but with a much more modern piece.

Major General Valid Khalifa, commander of the 9th Iraqi Army Armored Division, confirmed the arrival of the tanks to Iraq and added that the Iraqi military has been trained by Russian experts and is ready to operate the new tanks.

Iraq is a Russian partner in military terms. Under military contracts, Mi-28NE combat helicopters, Pantsir-S1 air defense systems, Mi-35 helicopters, Su-25 fighter jets and TOS-1 heavy-duty flamethrower systems were also delivered to Iraq.

Iraq had signed an agreement with Russia to supply modernized T-90s tanks in July 2017. The deal price is $1 billion. According to the annual report of Russia’s Uralvagonzavod armor factory, in 2016 the company signed a contract for the supply of 73 T-90S and T-90SK tanks for the Iraqi Armed Forces.

In June last year, US military experts expressed concern about the possible loss of the Iraqi market for heavy armored vehicles. The Iraqi Armed Forces gave preference to Russian T-90s tanks.

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The Russkoe Oruzhie portal indicates that, at the customer’s request, tanks manufactured in Russia can be equipped with thermoelectric air conditioners of Russian production, which are installed in the left-hand tower and is perfect for the extreme heat that can occur in Iraq.

Considering the fact that there are constantly high temperatures in the region, the lack of air conditioning significantly hinders the work of the crews and reduces the chances of effective work on combat missions.

They are adapted for normal operation in extreme military conditions and can operate for 24 hours uninterrupted. They have a special antibacterial protection with a layer of silver sprayed.

Due to the simplicity of the construction, the repair in battlefield conditions is also possible. The Iraqi version of the T-90S is considered to be the most complete, with new on-board screens, grids against HEAT ammunition, additional sight protection and rear-view cameras.

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