Is China able to surpass the U.S space program?

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BEIJING – China is celebrating China’s National Space Day on Wednesday and is demonstrating the incredible improvement of its space program’s capabilities, technologies, sophistication and ambitions. The Asian giant has already launched more rockets into space than any other country.

Recently, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission published a report describing China’s quest for space power status.

This is because, like other powers, China has diverse interests in space, especially the benefits of the economic potential and security of advanced space capabilities. Chinese analysts emphasize the importance of space power in modern military operations.

To achieve its goals, China is incorporating space elements, including intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance satellites, such as the Beidu Satellite Navigation System, into its military operations. In addition, China develops anti-satellite capabilities, lasers, cyber attacks and interference satellites.

However, analysts believe China is limited strategically or monetarily, to carry out a lunar exploration mission, for example.

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Despite the difficulty, China makes it clear that it is entering the elite group of space powers, raising its external influence.

According to analysts, the financial situation of countries is not the best way to measure their capacities, which must be measured through efficiency. To achieve optimal efficiency, China allows the inclusion of a diverse number of private space companies, which, in addition to private capital, also have the support of the government, which offers a great advantage in the international market, reports The Washington Post.

Regarding the possibility of China reaching and overtaking the US in the space race, it can be said that China today has a considerable advantage over the US, as Americans fly through predictable routes and highly vulnerable to attack.

Despite limited US-China cooperation, the Asian giant plans to complete the construction of a space station by 2022 and invite other countries to conduct experiments on it.

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