Israeli Election Propaganda Appears on Pornographic Website


TEL AVIV – On April 9, Israelis go to the polls to choose the legislators of the XXI Knesset. Political parties are organizing an election campaign since the beginning of the year.

An advertising campaign for the 2014 Knesset elections has used a somewhat different platform to attract voters’ attention – the Pornhub porn site, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“This is an advertisement that we have not seen until now,” Haaretz reported. “To this day the pornographic arena was the only arena in which we did not see any political publications. It turns out that even this last refuge from politics was taken from the citizens of Israel.”

According to Haaretz, the ads that appeared on the Pornhub site for the Israelis are from some unidentified source on the left who ridiculed the right using unusual political insinuations.

According to the newspaper, the link in the ad transfers the user to a site called, a domain that was purchased in the US and registered privately. It is not possible to identify who is behind it, the newspaper underlines.

The site was apparently built using the popular Israeli website platform builder Wix.

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“It’s impossible to decipher who is behind it,” Haaretz’s Ran Bar-Zik wrote on his Facebook page, adding that it appeared to be low-budget and the creators identified themselves as non-party people with private funding.

“There’s nowhere to run from politics,” he lamented.

Bar-Zik noted that pornography networks are rarely selective and allow almost everyone who wants to pay to advertise.

Standard advertisers avoid such tactics, and political advertising has not been seen on porn websites.

Although Evangelical Christians like to imagine Israel has a bastion of Judeo-Christian morality, it is well established that Israel too is as liberalized as any European n state – in fact – more so than most Eastern European country.

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