Karadzic’s Conviction is a Direct Path to Destroy the Serbian Republic – It Must Be Overturned

Alexey Toporov

Editor’s introduction: We’ve done two things here. We’ve given this piece a more clear title: “Karadzic’s Conviction is a Direct Path to Destroy the Serbian Republic“, when the original was titled in Russian: “Serbia’s Truth is not needed by Western Controllers of Bosnia“. And second, the point is this:
BiH’s Sarajevo will absolutely use the conviction of Karadzic to entirely lay the next phase of the argument for the dissolution of the Republika Srpska.
It is an argument by genealogy. Because Karadzic founded the Republika Srpska, and because Karadzic was found guilty of war-crimes and was ‘abolished’ as a free-man, then his fruit – the Republika Srpska – must also be abolished as an (autonomous) semi-free republic inside of BiH. Therefore, all counter-Hegemonic, anti-NATO/anti-Atlanticist forces must work to see that Karadzic’s conviction is overturned, and that he is freed and released.
There have been, and already are now, moves to dissolve the Republika Srpska. The Republic of Serbia led by Vucic has been working with the Republika Srpka’s leader, Dodik, to engage in Russian-backed ‘test runs’ of an independence referendum.
One problem is this: Vucic does not recognize Crimean independence, on the basis that it does not recognize Kosovo. He will need to finalize the subject of Kosovo in someway, before he can be internationally and internally consistent on a future recognition of the independence of the Serbian Republic, should things go that way, and they most certainly have been appearing that way very strongly since 2013. In 2014, Lavrov said Russia would recognize moves by the Serbian entity in BiH to break-away. That would ultimately mean its integration with Belgrade. On the other hand, history is written by the victors, and it may not ultimately be important to be theoretically consistent, so long as one wins. However the history winds up being written, ultimately, is an after-thought. In two-hundred years, it won’t matter much whether the recognition question was dealt with in a coherent or ‘fair’ way – but it will matter much now and in 200 years if Serbs are ultimately ethnically cleansed as human beings today.
For those interested on the fascinating history of Karadzic and especially his work as a fugitive, please read this piece: Bosnitch: Kangaroo Court ‘ICTY’ Convicts Karadzić For False-Flag Crimes Carried Out By NATO Proxies
  – J. Flores


By Alexey Toporov – A week after the the life sentence handed to the first President of the Republika Srpska, Radovan Karadzic , which was met with applause by the Muslim public, they started talking about the massacres of Serbs in the 90’s in BiH. Naturally, the Serbs themselves began to speak, since the world’s rulers have prescribed for them the role of “genocider”, and have ordered (history and the islamo-western world – Flores) to regard their executioners as innocent victims.

Most recently, the school curriculum in the Muslim-Croat Federation of BiH, on the subject of recent history, officially included such sections as the “Genocide in Srebrenica” and “Siege of Sarajevo”. Naturally this takes place in the narrative of “Serbian aggressors who massively destroyed a peaceful, predominantly Muslim population.” Of the thousands of Serbs who were tortured in the vicinity of Srebrenica and the Sarajevo Serbs themselves in these sections, of course, are not reported. This is in line with the spirit of the version of the Bosnian conflict promoted by Western political technologists, justifying and reinforcing the destruction of Yugoslavia, and the tearing away of Bosnia and the absorption of the Balkans by the West.


Stories vs. Facts

We already wrote that, in despair of finding justice in international instances, the Republika Srpska established two of its own international commissions, which included independent experts from very different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, – the Commission for Investigating Crimes against Serbs in Sarajevo from 1991 to 1995 and the Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against All Nations in the Srebrenica region from 1992 to 1995. Prior to this, the central government of BiH trivially ignored the ruling of the local Human Rights Chamber, supported by the Constitutional Court, demanding an investigation into the massacres and crimes against Serbs in the Bosnian capital. And the special commission of the Council of Ministers of the country, which worked in 2006, expectedly focused on the persecution of Muslims and Croats.

Therefore, on the part of the Bosnian Serbs, it was a very correct decision to put at the head of both commissions Israeli scientists who had previously conducted similar studies regarding the persecution of the Jewish people during Hitler’s rule and in other epochs of modern times (for example, in the Arab East). Knowing how sacred the issue of the Holocaust and the genocide of Jews in the West is, it will be very difficult to blame well-known Israeli scholars for bias and the desire to play on the side of the Serbs. The Commission for Investigation of the Suffering and Massacres of the Sarajevo Serbs, headed by Rafael Israel , Professor, Historian and Islamic Studies of the Jewish University, recently held its first constituent meeting in the capital of the Republika Srpska, Banja Luka, but its members decided not to inform the public about the details of their work until the final summary appeared. Next week, the next meeting is expected to be headed by another Israeli professor, Holocaust researcher Gideon Greif, the commission on Srebrenica – its chairman, speaking to reporters in the town of Bijeljina earlier, assured the public that the work of the team he headed “will be based solely on truth and confirmed facts.”

And how can one not recall the recent life sentence, presently under appeal, of Radovan Karadzic, the charge against which was mainly not based on facts, but solely on the testimony of witnesses, half of whom were classified.

(Editor’s note – few are aware that the witnesses were assigned numbers ostensibly to project their identity, but therefore there was no way to determine the actual, physical, human existence of said witnesses beyond the prosecutor’s assertions; they existed only as numbers on paper, as case files, which in theory could have been written by anyone or even one man or woman; moreover, and logically it follows, it was impossible for Karadzic – as was also in the case against Seselj and Milosevic for example – to cross-examine these non-appearing witnesses. Meanwhile many charges were vaguely defined, and witnesses did not appear and could not be questioned – the definition of Kafkaesque justice – Flores)

In a boasting interview with the Bosnian portal Avangard, Amir Akhmich, the former BiH representative in The Hague, reminded the public that the indictment was based on testimony, opinions of historians, politicians and public figures, “brave people”, “brave mothers” , as well as articles of the Sarajevo newspaper “Free Bosnia” But when Avangard asked Akhmich how now, after the sentencing of the first president and, in fact, the founder of the RS, the republic itself should be dealt with, the replied with vague wording which nevertheless was extremely clear:

“Karadzic’s fruits were recognized by the UN court. The International Court of Justice in The Hague did not recognize Serbia’s responsibility for the genocide, laying it on the RS army and police. That is, immediately two international courts rendered decisions on state, legal and individual responsibility. The essence of each such verdict is punishment. What remains to be done with this, the question is still open. Let me remind you that the International Court of Justice rejected Serbia’s claim to “NATO aggression”, called for the execution of the ICTY’s decisions on crimes in Kosovo, making it clear that the alliance had stopped serious violations of international humanitarian law by the Serbian regime led by Slobodan Milosevic .”

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As they say, comments are superfluous here, just as after such words the decision of the Appeals Chamber of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (MOMUT) to revise Karadzic’s sentence to toughening from forty years to life, announced on the anniversary of NATO aggression does not seem accidental. As for the first president of the RS, then at his age that forty years, that life, unfortunately, is all one. But the verdict of the “most impartial court”, thus, became also quite a clear message.

Cannibalistic joy

And the message is, of course, heard. It was not by chance that in the Muslim communities of BiH the verdict was broadcast live, like a football match, and the conclusion of the judge was met with applause, like a goal scored. A previously acquitted in The Hague on the same, and then the Court of Appeal of the BiH Muslim commander-thug (in the truest sense of the word) Naser Oric did not stint on the estimated wording: “Karadzic deserves to rot in jail! – Said the war criminal to the publication “Dnevny Avaz”. “But life for him is not a triumph of justice, because the criminal was not convicted of genocide in other municipalities ( except for Srebrenica, the rest of the charges against Karadzic were dropped. – Auth. ) And because the trial did not touch Serbia.”

The well-known Bosnian actor Emir Hadzhikhafizbegovich and completely distinguished himself, saying that “Karadzic can not be attributed to the human race.” Of course, it is very convenient for the muses attendant to spew curses to the convicted politician in the back and mourn the inhabitants of Sarajevo who were killed during the long Serbian siege, as well as the prisoners of war of the BiH Army who were shot in Srebrenica. But without even thinking about the fate of those killed in the concentration camps of the Bosnak fighters of the Sarajevo Serbs (according to various estimates, from 7 to 8 thousand people), cut out in the most savage way more than three thousand Serbs-villagers in the vicinity of the same Srebrenica, as well as about cold blood the shooting of unarmed conscripts of the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), in accordance with the agreements that were convoyed to Serbia from his native Tuzla.

Yes, the message of the court heard. But they heard the words of Karadzic after the verdict:

“My sacrifice is much less than the sacrifice of others. Thousands and thousands of young people built the Republika Srpska with their lives. Many have become war invalids. The greatest damage was suffered by the mother, whose sons gave their lives for the freedom of the Serbian people. We all fought together for freedom and equality for the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, without hating our neighbors, with pride and self-denial, we are protecting that which is higher than ourselves — our Republika Srpska. ”

Then, in spite of everything, they were not afraid. And they continued to defend their truth. Thus, on March 26, the chairman of the BiH Presidium, the ex-president of the RS, Milorad Dodik, arrived in the village of Sekovac, where on the same day of 1992 the Croatian and Bosniak militants who had broken in there massacred the local Serb population (the community was inhabited by representatives of all three BiH peoples, as well as the number of families with the identity of the “Yugoslavs”). Then the thugs killed nineteen people, including 72-year-old Yovo Zecevic and 17-year-old Dragan Milosevic. And also burned the Orthodox Church and fifteen houses. The murderers remained in the village for a long time as authority, during which time the number of Serbs killed by them had grown to 46 people. Eyewitnesses to those events say that the command of the 101st Brigade of the Croatian Defense Council secretly allowed the militants to rob Serb residents and rape Serbian women with impunity. Subsequently, for this crime, the Bosnian court punished only one of the bandits – ordinary Croat Zemir Kovacevic , who was sentenced to ten years in prison.

“In the last war, we were killed in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Siekovac, we were not allowed to bring oxygen for children at the Banja Luka maternity hospital,” said Milorad Dodik at the mourning events. – Then there was NATO aggression against the Serbian people, which we must not forget, and therefore, I am convinced that BiH should not and will not become a member of this alliance … The Republika Srpska is our life and the Serbian people will never be free if they have there will be no own state “.

Political intrigue against Serbian truth

But both the West and its Muslim minions in Bosnia do not want to, and it is not beneficial to hear the voice of the Serbs. It is for this purpose that the leader of the Bosnian community of BiH and the head of the oldest nationalist party of Bosnian Muslims, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic, has beensabotaging the creation of the government for almost half a year now . It seems that with the tacit consent of the UN High Representative for BiH, Muslims simply pull time and wait until the eight-month tenure of this post of Milorad Dodik expires:

“They come up with a variety of reasons, for example, the story of the ratification of the National Program for Cooperation with NATO (to which Dodik does not want to sign. – Auth. ),” The Presidium Chairman commented on the situation. “Although this has nothing to do with the formation of the Council of Ministers.”

And it is obvious that the party of Izetbegovic is already preparing for the future, when Dodika will be replaced by Muslim representative Shafiq Dzhaferovic and Croatian representative Zeljko Komšić . In particular, quite recently, the SDA announced that an agreement has been reached with the Democratic Front of Komšić on the creation of a government coalition. The most curious thing is that the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Serbia, as well as the leader of the Serbian anti-ratings, who deserved this status for slogans in the spirit of “Kosovo is not Serbia” and “Let’s make the day of mourning for Genocide Day in Srebrenica” repeatedly beaten by tribesmen, a drug addict in the past and, according to rumors, bisexual Chedomir Jovanovic .

At the same time, representatives of the opposition parties of the RS Mladen Ivanic(former head of the BiH Presidium, leader of the Democratic Progress Party) and Vukot Govedarica (the Serbian Democratic Party) actively met with the new US ambassador to BiH Eric Nelsen , complaining about the lack of rights, freedoms, a transparent judicial system, police brutality and corruption. Ironically, Govedarica now represents precisely the party whose founder was convicted to death in the dungeons of Radovan Karadzic.

And in Serbia itself, everything is far from simple. Thus, a stretch banner posted on the overpass at the entrance to the capital of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, the city of Novi Sad, says that “Karadzic is a hero!” Did not hang for a long time. And she was burnt under a photo and video of young in masks, representing a certain organization “Youth of Vojvodina”, seeking republican status for the region. In Kosovo, and in Bosnia itself, the process of separation from Belgrade also began with similar actions.

“A kingdom divided in itself will not stand.” Now it is extremely important for the Serbs to consolidate around what remains. And resist.


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