Maduro rejects ‘threats of war and invasion’, calls Brazil’s U.S puppet Bolsonaro a ‘Wanna-be Hitler’

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CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has rejected the Brazilian leader’s statements about a possible military intervention in Venezula and asked the Brazilian military to confront “Bolsonaro’s madness”

“Venezuela rejects in an absolute way the threats of war and military invasion by Jair Bolsonaro against the noble, peaceful and supportive Bolivarian people,” said the president during an event in Caracas.

The Venezuelan president also stated that Jair Bolsonaro is a “puppet of fascist” and “imitator of Hitler”.

Maduro urged the Brazilian military to reject President Bolsonaro’s intentions to invade the Caribbean country.

“I make a call to the people of Brazil, I call on all the democratic sectors and I call on the military force of Brazil to face the madness of Jair Bolsonaro and his threat of war against Venezuela”, said the president.

Similarly, the president said that the threats of his Brazilian counterpart violate the cooperation and neighborhood agreements between both nations.

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“What is the cause? Did Venezuela get involved with Brazil? Did it take anything away from Brazil?” Maduro asked.

On April 9, Bolsonaro opted to create a “fissure” within the Venezuelan armed forces and showed his willingness to join an eventual armed offensive led by the United States.

The position of the Brazilian president, however, is not shared by the military that occupies high positions in his government, including Vice President Hamilton Mourao, retired general of the Brazilian Army. In a recent visit to the US, the second most powerful man in Brazil defended a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan crisis and even pleaded for guarantees and protection to the Bolivarian president, Nicolás Maduro, in case of a transition of power.

Bolsonaro will probably avoid a political confrontation with the Armed Forces of his own country. That is to say, a declaration of war against Venezuela would be very unlikely, even if the “ideological wing” of the Administration is in favor of intervention.

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