Only a Fool Won't Realize What this Means


WASHINGTON – FRN has just received confirmed word that today, April 1st, Bolton has announced his resignation. This was after making a stunning declaration that there is indeed a ‘deep state’, that he was activated to execute its deeds. Here are the main points of Bolton’s press conference, pending a full transcript.

–>We’re ending the sanctions on Russia. They were counter-productive. Just drove Russia and China into each others arms.

–>We’re going to stop paying jihadis in Syria.

–> We’re letting North Korea keep its nukes, so long as they provide nuclear shield to South Korea as they reunify without U.S interference

–>We are going to help rebuild Libya and Syria, along terms Libya and Syria desires.

–> We’re rolling out a new policy on energy: Petroleum belongs to the country where it comes from.

–> We’re revoking recognition of Guaido as president after no one bought it.

–>Aid to Israel will be reduced by the value of the homes they bulldoze.

–> Huawei’s 5G networks will be used by all intel and national security staff

–>Congress, complaining of neo-nazism there, refuses to spend another cent on Ukraine.

–> Congressional Democrats and Republicans agree on Russia de-confliction to restore Ukraine to Russian sphere

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–>Congress, embarrassed at recognizing Israels military conquest of Golan, recognizes the popular vote of Crimea to be Russia.

–>We’re selling solar technology instead of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. Proceeds will go to build Palestinian infrastructure

–>The US and its partners UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, Kuwait, and Bahrain, are ending the air and naval blockade of Yemen.

–> We’re allowing Cuban doctors to staff clinics in the U.S in under-represented communities

–>Germany, Japan, South Korea, Kosovo, and Romania insist that we get our military bases out their country. We will comply.

–> We’re admitting Denver Airport’s underground city was intended as Washington D.C 2.0 and a fall-out shelter for the 1% and their sex slaves

–>The President has fired Elliott Abrams.

–>The President wants my (Bolton’s) resignation on his desk today.


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