MAJOR: Emerging Libyan Leader Hafter now poised to take Tripoli

By Vladimir Gujanicic

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By Vladimir Gujanicic – Gujanicic is a military history and strategy expert based in Serbia, who works on projects in tandem with the Center for Syncretic Studies and Fort Russ News

LIBYA – The following is a complete update on the entire situation in Libya. Days ago, Haftar was in Moscow where he met with Russian leadership of the presidential administration, possibly with Putin himself.

Framing all this, are that EU and Middle-east countries are split between supporting Haftar’s LNA and the GNA. Russia is apparently backing the LNA, with Turkey backing the GNA.

Haftar’s forces close in on Tripoli. Yesterday, it was reported to FRN by our sources monitoring the situation on the ground, that Haftar’s LNA liberation campaign was bogged down.

Now, emerging from the morass, we have the following update: While fighting ravages on at the borders of Tripoli, operations do not stop in other parts of the country.

Using the strengths of the greater forces and the ability to storm the front at several places, the forces of the Libyan National Army are pushing the Government of National Accord (GNA) forces in the western parts of the country to the border with Tunisia, holding two isolated pockets, the Ras Ajdir border crossing point and the city of Zuwarah.

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The LNA’s air force launched air strikes on the GNA forces in the city of Zuwara, while in the meantime, preparations for the attack continue. GNA forces from Tripoli from Misurata suffer from one of the key shortfalls of resources.

General Haftar’s strategy already takes shape. Fire-fights at the front gates of Tripoli attracted most of the GNA reserves from Tripoli and Misurata while introducing new forces in other directions. At present, the GNA army has an acute problem with the loss of the western parts of the country and the complete cut off from the border with Tunisia, so Tripoli and Misurata are completely cut off from the supply from the mainland where their airborne and naval supply lines remain.

On the other hand General Haftar uses land and maritime and airborne supply lines. By blowing up the two pockets west of Tripoli, Haftar will free up extra forces and make additional pressure on the front at Tripoli.

Haftar’s forces outside Tripoli, review attack plans in this unsourced photo from 11 or 12 April, 2019

In the meantime, the government of GNA is organizing protests in Tripoli by its supporters who are very few in the published photographs. The problem for the GNA is that they do not have a large number of supporters in Tripoli unlike Misurata, so most of the inhabitants of Tripoli are ambivalent in terms of developing events. A civil war has destroyed much morale in Libya, and the leaders of the GNA, like Haftar’s LNA, still lack strong support from Tripoli’s residences, who still suspect that Haftar, like all others for the last eight years, are yet another war-lord. In a smaller scale, the mood is similar to China a century ago.

The development of events without regard to the individual tactical successes of GNA continues to evolve in favor of Haftar. The downing of a GNA plane from Misurata marked the beginning of establishing the full airspace control of the LNA’s forces, and establishing a no-fly zone on western Libya, announced by LNA’s loud-speaker unit. In that case, the “government” in Tripoli and Misurata could remain without an air supply, which would additionally ruin their positions and only limited to maritime supplies. Minor battles are continuing.


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