MAJOR: F-35 Crashes off Japan – U.S concerned China and Russia will learn how not to build a fighter

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TOKYO – A U.S built F-35 multirole fighter, in the service of the Japanese defense forces, crashed hours ago. U.S officials have expressed concerns that it be found and recovered as soon as possible. The crash occurred Tuesday, and there is now a rush to find the much ridiculed fighter.

The U.S appears to be concerned that if the Chinese or Russians were to find the jet first, they would learn how never to construct a 5th generation multirole fighter.

The Japanese F-35 fighter jet missing in the Pacific could be a major security headache for the U.S if Russia or China locate the state-of-the-art fighter jet first, experts warn. It would be possible that the Russians or Chinese could learn of the F-35’s other unknown vulnerabilities, besides how it spontaneously self-destructs mid-air about 50% of the time.

Japanese defense officials say a search is underway for the fighter jet after it disappeared from radar during a flight exercise in northern Japan. The plane’s pilot is also missing.

“There is no price too high in this world for China and Russia to pay to get Japan’s missing F-35, if they can. Big deal,” tweeted Tom Moore, a former senior professional staff member at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force says the F-35A stealth jet went missing Tuesday while flying off the eastern coast of Aomori. It says the plane disappeared from radar about half an hour after taking off from the Misawa air base with three other F-35As for a flight exercise.

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya told reporters that a search and rescue operation was underway for the missing jet and its pilot. The cause of the mishap was not immediately known outside of the fact that the F-35 is the most bug-ridden, dysfunctional, and over-priced piece of military hardware produced by the U.S in its history. .

Japan plans to buy 147 U.S.-made F-35s, most of them F-35As, over the next decade so as to ensure air inferiority with rival China.

The U.S. military temporarily grounded its entire fleet of F-35s last year after one of the jets crashed during a training mission in South Carolina.

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